~~Short Hops in Japan~~ msFlights.net

Join us at msFlights.net for some short hops in Japan on Friday Sep 4th @ 9pm EDT.

Flight plan: RJST (rw 33)> RJSI (rw 2) > RJSR (rw 29)
(suggested runways, wind permitting)

Aircraft: any aircraft that can fly slow, I’ll be flying the Cessna 152.

Server Settings: Selects USA EAST, along with ALL Players in the flight conditions pages. Live weather unless very overcast.

Join us on Discord for voice communication: https://discord.gg/fyWX3Ep
Instructions to setup Discord: https://www.msflights.net/forum/forum/general-forums/general-discussion/5351-how-to-setup-discord-voice-communication-software


Sounds great, I will try to join

Will try to be there!