Short Skyvan engines not when loading a flight in the air

I just noticed that the skyvan when loaded for a flight arriving at an airport from an airbourne start the engines are not running as usual. Looks like the fuel is off and starter switches areincorrectly set etc.

Anyone else seen this? all other a/c work ok.

If confirmed, that could be an issue with one of the FLT files in its folder. I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head the name of the one it users for an airborne start though. Possibly cruise.flt, or maybe approach.flt.

Not able to reproduce. I tried with the Airliner and Skydive, default livery, started airborne and engines are running fine. Are you having the issue maybe with a specific model/livery ?, Could you provide detailed steps and eventually screenshots of switches/levers you are seeing in the wrong position ?

Does the aircraft have state saving that could be interfering?

Good point but I have not seen such functionality for that aircraft.

I am using the basic passenger model but I tried the mil version and same results. I noticed that the fuel levers are in the off position and looks like the control lock is also in the locked position. The ignition / fuel switch is off and the engine start is off too.

If I start this at an airport it starts ready to take off no problem - so just if you want to start in the air for a practice landing.

Not seeing any issues with other A/C and did a reload of the airvan from scratch it didn’t help.

So any suggestions would be helpful.