Should be as disappointed as I am with MSFS Premium Deluxe?

I spent serious money building a new PC in anticipation of this program. I9- 9900K, 32 GB ram, ASUS ROG Maximum motherboard, 1TB M.2 solid state drive, ASUS GeForce RTX 2080Ti 11GB video card a new 4K 50” TV/monitor to go with my 6 other monitors. New Honeycomb yoke, Saitek yoke with throttles plus another set of throttles for multi engine, Saitek Cessna trim wheel, Saitek Rudder pedals, Saitek switch panel, Radio, and Auto Pilot panels. And out of all of this the only thing that seems to work properly is the HoneyComb yoke! I have had to disconnect my Saitek yoke and throttle to get the one Saitek throttle set to work and even then the throttle lever goes from zero to 100% with no way to correct. (Mixture works fine)
Today is the first day I have actually gotten to take a couple of flights from my local airport and it has not been great. The system has crashed twice, the mouse keeps getting stuck, everything freezes and my FPS goes down to 5-11 whenever my gaming stats screen is running. I am a real Pilot with a commercial certificate/CFI and was hoping I would be able to use this for a training tool but so far it seems to be just a game or toy, unfortunately. Not being able to use multiple monitors and my hardware is very disappointing. Hopefully in time this will get better but for now I think XP11 wont have anything to worry about.


I hope everyone will start inundating Microsoft with emails and messages to Zendesk forcing them to recall the of fix it this sim because as I see it, this is unacceptable. It is absolutely shameful and I intend to go to the media about this.


We know that they rushed it out of their door without listening to feedback.
I believe there are a lot of bottlenecks in the flight sim and making DX12 a priority should be a first step to fix multiple items.

Any question?


Monitors. If you are using 6 other monitors in addition to a 4K monitor as primary screen, then your virtual desktop size will be gigantic and will overload any graphics card - even a 2080Ti. The application is designed to run on a single monitor, and will not span multiple monitors. Try switching your 6 additional monitors off, and run just your 4K 50inch one instead and you should see a dramatic improvement. Then if you really need more than one monitor, try running it in a lower resolution than 4K

Throttle If your throttle is going 0-100%, you have almost certainly not set it to respond to a controller axis. Delete the existing mapping and remap it to one that includes the word “AXIS” , and has a “progress bar” to show the percentage of the axis movement. That applies to every axis type control (such as ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle(s) etc)

Panels Right now, there is no direct support for any Saitek/ Logitech panels, though no doubt before too long either the sim will support it, or a 3PD such as SpadNext will offer support

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My system is similar to yours. I hear a lot about the Nvidia 3080 will fix a lot of the graphics problems like stutter and frame rates. It will not. The bottleneck is DX11 making to many calls on the system. I for one will not upgrade my GPU till DX12 is released. You probably will have no reason to upgrade your GPU.

I went to the nvidia site and downloaded the game ready drivers and am running smooth even in the heaviest of sceneries.

Maybe check out the web site above.

Saying what? The media (“YouTube” in particular) is already full of accolades about this simulator so it’s not likely you’ll create much of a viral sensation by saying you don’t like it, or you haven’t yet got it to work as you hoped, because most people seem to love it, and it does what they want.


No easy answer for running a smooth flight system? What are your hardware specification? What is your setup like?
I have a Intel i9-9900 and a GPU RTX 2080 on an Asus motherboard with 32GB. Yes I can run it at 43fps no problem but if I crank up the graphics setting I will have pauses and stutters not in all locations but over cities for sure.

I should add that in my case the GPU is running at 100% which is the bottleneck with DX11. DX12 will solve this problem. If you ask how do I know? After P3Dv5 came out with DX12 I can run the flight sim on an old CPU Intel 5820 GPU Nvidia 970 without any problems but could not run it at all prior to DX12.

Like I said above go to Nvidia and download their game ready drivers they just brought it out yesterday and you will see a big difference, Its listed for Flight Sim

I am running it as of yesterday.

Your running a better system then I am and Some reason I am getting better resoults.

Like I said no easy answers. I suggest you read up on DX12 and it will tell you the bottlenecks it removes as far as graphics problems.

Just because someone post something, this is the internet. I mean I could tell you I am the HEAD of the KGB and have been on many space missions, Just because this is MSFS forums don’t mean people are 100% truthful. This is still the internet.

I believe one of the reasons Microsoft created a rolling Cache is to over come the graphics limitations of DX11. You can set it from 10-100 GB but eventually it will fill up if you are on a long flight. I do not blame Microsoft because when they started building this flight sim there was no DX12.

I use Saitek multipanel and FIP on MSFS 2020 through SpadNext. You can dowload it on trial to test your hardware: the only issue (even this already known by MS) is that the SIMCONNECT module used to communicate between the simultaor and 3pd stuff (like SpadNext or Vatsim) generates fps drops and stutters…


Out of interest - how have you hooked up 7 monitors to a single 2080Ti anyway? Is such a thing even possible? As far as I know, the most you could hook up would be 4 (possibly 5, I’m not sure). That’s 3 on DisplayPorts, and one on the HDMI port and (maybe, but I don’t think so) a 5th on the USB-C (not sure about that).

Thanks. I already have been using my Saitek panels using my own version of SPAD that I wrote myself. It uses the latest FSX SimConnect quite well, and I’ll convert it over to the new Simconnet.dll that comes with the developer SDK. I haven’t tried that yet as I only downloaded it yesterday

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