Should I be worried that I can’t get a pass in Lesson 6 Solo Flight?

I can do the circuit with no problem and land properly but triggering the objectives is difficult. I think some of the turns of the circuit have some hidden requirements like climb to 5700 ft or cut power. And sometimes you have to eye it that you are a good enough distance from the airport. I saw one YouTube video where the presenter used the outside view a bit to better judge distances. I know it doesn’t really matter if I successfully complete it and get praise from the instructor when I complete it but it is annoying me. If anyone has any hints please let me know.

I’ve only done one of the lessons but one thing I found tricky was that I wanted to fly at the height of the markers but that would make me too high. You should not use a marker for a guide but because they are there it makes us use those as a reference instead of the airfield. I think that is a bad thing.

So, my suggestion is not to worry about it if you know you are doing a proper circuit and flying safely.

My suggestion would be to use a a tool like FSX Google Earth Tracker (fsxget) that an dump your flight path to Google Earth. You can then look at how you flew in 3D on a map and can then judge whether you were flying well or not. It is great for checking how you handle winds in the circuit.

Little NavMap lets you see your flight path in 2d which is useful so you can use that, but I prefer to analyze my flying on Google Earth.

What @Yuudai5178 said. If you have done a proper circuit and landing then disregard the nonsense the tutorial tells you. And for something way better than the default tutorials, you can try @FSFlyingSchool’s FSFlyingSchool

You can also try FSAcademy’s VFR and IFR packs by @choon172.

I recommend all these three products above from both FSFlyingSchool and FSAcademy.


Believe it or not, Rod Machado’s lessons in FSX Learning Center are some of the best to teach you both handling and technique for flying a circuit. Even if you don’t have FSX, the lesson texts are available online at various places. Well worth the read, but quite frankly earning the Private Pilot Certificate in FSX was very fulfilling compared to the MSFS training.


Rod Machado’s Ground School

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Thanks for the recommendations! The problem with lession 6 Solo Flight is that the objectives are not detailed enough. I think at some times it assumes a certain altitude and also perhaps distance from the airport and throttle but it does’t show it on the screen. After the initial 5400 feet elevation it just keeps showing turn left and it’s tricky to clear the objectives. It can show the initial or second turn left for the rest of the mission and you will fail it.

I do the whole circuit with no issues but when I land she says you’re not supposed to land there and its a fail. Its the runway I took off from and the only available so who knows.

Yeah it’s because each left turn objective has to be cleared completely from the screen or else it recognizes the landing as invalid. So annoying…

It has nothing to do with the runway of your choice. If you touch down to early ( to short) or to late, or you miss the centerline to much to the left or the right, the lady won’t let you pas the checkride

Some basics
1000fy AGL circuit
Al turns are 90 degree turn from the initial heading
Initial climb up to 500ft AGL then turn left 90def
Keep climbing up to 1000ft AGL then turn again 90 deg
Stablish 1000fr AGL on downwind - throttle down and control the aircraft
Once you pass the thereshold - slow down, notch of flaps and ready once 45deg turn left 90 deg and start descend
Once abeam (a bit earlier) turn to final
If you are too high - add more flaps , too low add more power

It’s a shot bit reasonably explanation without going into much detail

I just watched a video and the player who seemed rather good couldn’t get the objectives to click off at various points. It makes you lose the thrill of performing your solo but at least I’m not alone.

@EvidencePlz Thanks for recommending us!

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Tends to be a weakness of the built-in mission system. It’s very hard to develop something with any AI or enough forgiveness. Missions tend to be fail or pass, there’s no sliding scale. This is one of the reasons we developed FSFlyingSchool.

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No sir! Thank YOU for making the addon for MSFS. Your addon was highly popular in other platforms, and I’m really glad to see it done for MSFS too.

“Early 2021” is approaching rapidly and therefore I pray and hope you are taking the necessary and required steps to put the addon on the MSFS marketplace. :slight_smile:


Have done this lesson many times now and no two seem to be the same. Sometimes objectives go green before you have done them, sometimes they never go green so you cannot progress and on all occasions its a fail. Weird.

I went on to lesson 7 and 8. In 8 you have to do the traffic pattern but it doesn’t make each turn into an objective so it’s passable.

Finally did it. Just “slung” it round the pattern and all objectives turned green so landed and passed.

Congrats! It’s really temperamental. I went on to lessons 7 and 8. Those lessons aren’t too picky about the traffic pattern as that isn’t the main focus of the lessons.

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