Should I download SU10 Beta?

I would like to download the Beta so I can help out with any bugs, but for anyone who has downloaded it, is it any better than current SU9?

Yes, while I would like to bug squash, would it affect my daily flying as well (jn a bad way?)

I would wait for a couple of days and monitor the forum to see if there’s any major bug.

If no major bug, I’ll join the beta while still doing my daily flights.


If you are just viewing it as an early access then no, to be honest. If you are prepared to bug test and accept you may have problems then maybe:-)


Yeah-while I do want to bug report, I also want to still fly like I normally do.

I’d say it’s too soon to judge as most are still in the process of downloading. As stated above, if you are interested but cautious, check in early next week and see how it’s going!


Short answer – it’s about testing, so things will be broken potentially including major 3rd party mods (potentially) – so just wait to see what we find (maybe a day or two).

Then I would hang on for a week and see what the vibe is from the people who are going straight in

Many things are already broken in the public build, so who cares about a bunch more? :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Beta brings many interesting and needed fixes too. If they really improve the current simulator situation that may be a real alternative. The other is to wait 2 more months which is not practical either.


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Patch notes look interesting, hopefully some worthwhile performance and weather fixes, but if it breaks 3rd party planes I don’t want a sim I can’t use until end of August. So i’m going to wait for a few days and see what happens

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I think you should considered the opportunity to download the Beta SU10 not as a early access to the SU10 but as a way to extensively tests, investigate, post comment and participate to the Beta Forum. Not to mention crashes, CTD, freeze… etc.

Otherwise, just wait for the 23rd of August!


Yes, I do want to test and help ‘squash bugs’ but I was also wondering if It would also affect my flying, because I would still want to do my daily flights.

Personal Comments

Just a heads-up, even with my miserly approach to base install (i.e., no training, no discovery flights, no bush trips, dumped all the planes I don’t fly etc.), the base SU10 Beta install for me is 67 GB, and that’s before I go into Content Manager to get my Premium and Deluxe content updates. So be aware if you’re low on space and/or you might be in a prolonged download time.


Has it reinstalled all of the things you had uninstalled? Mine was only about 13gigs I think

I’m going to wait at least a week before I decide if I’m going to download. My main interest in 10 is DLSS for VR - as long as that’s reported to work well, and there aren’t any major bugs otherwise, I’ll probably opt in.

Unknown. I’m still on 14.79 of 67 GB in the installer. We’ll see. Usually it’s a big scrub for me using the Hamburger Icons and judicious use of the “Installed” and “Not Installed” filters. :grinning:

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I had a ~500mb launcher update on Steam and then an ~11GB update install for the Premium Deluxe Edition. Seems results may vary :slight_smile:


There hasn’t been a beta I didn’t miss out on . But if you are sketchy or on the fence it’s best to wait it out . Good luck everyone let’s go bug hunting …

To be honest:

If you need to ask this particular question, do not download the beta.

Backup the Offical\OneStore folder before you join the beta. That way if you want to leave the beta you can opt-out and reinstall the release version and restore the Offical\OneStore folder and not have to download all of the sim content over again.

Known bug in the release notes is that dx12 (incl. dlss) doesn’t work with VR….sort of .ridiculous after all this time but they did make it clear in the notes and said they are working on it, maybe it gets fixed during the Beta period.