Should I renew my current AV solution?

Good evening!

my AVG antivirus is up for renewal this month and wondering if I should renew it our not? I am not very tech savy but I read recently that windows defender appears to be sufficient enough?

I don’t want to risk anything for the sake of a few FPS so said I would ask here!

I read somewhere it can fairly taxing on CPU usage?

I agree with your comment about windows defender.
I have read several articles noting that windows defender is as good if not better than anything out there and is not nearly as taxing on the system. I have been using WD for several years now and have not had a single incidence of malware or virus. Another point is that WD is made by the operating system manufacturer and is updated almost daily if you check windows updates.

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Exactly what I have been reading I just don’t know enough about it to take the leap! again, I don’t download anything to dodgey to have to worry but always better to be safe!

By disabling AVG I presume WD will be enabled by default?

last time i actually installed an AV software on my pc is about 7 or 8 years ago… never had a virus or anything.


Windows Defender and some common sense is enough


Personally, I would make sure by uninstalling AVG and checking to make sure Windows Defender was enabled , check for windows updates then make a full scan.


FWIW-Initially before Sim was released, I was selected to BT this software. I could never get it to download. Finally, after weeks checking into it, I found out that Zone Alarm was blocking any and all facets into the game. Anything else I wanted on the store was fine, but not MSFS, Xbox etc. I sent in bug ticket, to date, over 17+ months, still no resolution to that issue. To get it to work, you have to remove ZA, then restart, then run a “clean.exe” file to make sure all the components of the software are gone. Once that was done, download commenced as it should have. That is not to say, I did not have other downloading issues, because thousands did. This distribution method is my biggest complaint period on this game.
I then reverted to MSDF, and it seemed to work fine. I still think ZA is a more robust Firewall, but MSDF seems to work fine and allows MSFS to download without issues. Two weeks ago, weird things started to happen on PC, mail went wonky, some other oddities, so put ZA back on, it did not find anything, and so thinking about taking it off again. Cannot prove there is any difference in either as far as game goes, some other little bits that ASUS puts on system seem to mess it up, so have to “end task” on those. Once gone, things back to normal till it rears head again. So long story, it is fine, and save your money. I don’t like MacAfee, or Whatever Norton is called these days either, too much bloat on both. Now if someone would put in ad blocker for browser, would make millions, and they could charge 1 cent, and still get rich.

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Defender has less impact on your system which with MSFS has to be a good thing. A lot of AV companies no longer even try to compete with Microsoft because they know they are severely disadvantaged from day one.


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I’ve managed to uninstall the core tool AVG but I can’t uninstall AVG tune up or VPN - can’t locate file path?


I’ve used WD for over 3 years now on W10 and never had any problems with security. You have to go looking for trouble to get into trouble. Plus 3rd party AV will slow down MSFS and the OS.


Yeah I have noticed! slight improvement.

oddly, I can’t uninstall AVG tune Up or AVG secure VPN. I uninstalled AVG anti virus successfully but the other 2 not.

Did you try this?

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Windows defender is more than qualified

Defender and common sense is good, adding PiHole is better.
The viruses and issues have to come from “somewhere”, and PiHole role is to ban that “somewhere”.

Thank you very much!

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