Should I wait on MSFS2020?

So I’m still using p3dv4.5 and wanted to purchase Msfs2020 today after seeing UK update came out yesterday but reading all these post of FPS problems across the board and building shape problems . Should I purchase or still wait for all these bugs to be fixed . How is FPS elsewhere . I’m normally a USA flyer but I like to fly ifr flights to Europe .


In my opinion, if you’re strictly into GA, MSFS is amazing. If airliners are more your thing, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed in both performance and functionality.


what about this option: get yourself for only 1 buck a xbox free pass for one(or3) months.
and try it out !!!
a lot depends how you want to fly, ga is great, tubeliner not so.
so try it out.


I don’t have issues since update, but I didn’t visit UK yet

This is exactly what I did before pulling the trigger. It’s a smart move

When u say $1 Xbox pass , that is for my Pc correct ? It will allow me to use MSFS for 3 months u say with no setbacks , meaning all sceneries and all updates are available to me ?

Also , I am a tubeliner flyer not a GA flyer at all . When u say disappointed, do u mean because they only got the default tube liners OR because the way that MSFS has their ifr setup in the sim with no Ai traffic and the default atc (which I’ve seen voices , and the way it’s not close to being realistic ) has its flaws .

I would recommend the sim. Yes it has its quirks but overall it’s a lot of fun and in some secenerios you’ll be amazed at the whole experience. With the A32NX which is free it’s amazing! Plus with tonnes of free add-ons you can’t go wrong. I still use my X-Plane 11 from time to time because of the types of aircraft I have. So no need to give up on your previous flight sim, enjoy both!

Ok thanks ! I’m getting it this wkend. Keeping my P3D as well. Just arrived yesterday was a new Samsung Evo 4TB SSD

Right now, airliners are a bit frustrating. The best is the Fly By Wire A32NX mod (freeware) and it is very good. Technically, it has enough range to cross the pond, but AFIK, no airlines are using it in that role. I enjoy flying it, but the autopilot isn’t quite good enough for VATSIM yet (though plenty of people do fly this aircraft on VATSIM). There are some bugs with the autopilot (such as where it will head direct to the airport instead of following the approach) and holds aren’t implemented yet. The 787 and 747 are decent for default aircraft, but they all have issues–particularly around the autopilot. If you are coming from p3dv payware aircraft, you will likely be disappointed. That said, Aerosoft is very close (hopefully within a few weeks) to releasing their CRJ series. That won’t help you fly the pond, but it should provide the first fully working, truly VATSIM capable airliner for MSFS. Quality Wings is working on a 787 that hopefully won’t be too far behind.

FPS will depend on your setup, I have an HP Omen 880-130 (upgraded to 32gb RAM) and I get a smooth ride with my NVDIA 1080Ti on ultra in 1080p. There have been a few places where I’ve had some hiccups, but I’ve been satisfied with the performance. I stopped paying attention to FPS long ago though, so all I can tell you is that my experience has been smooth.

Tough call on whether you should buy right now. The graphics are amazing, but the planes aren’t great yet. You also can’t get accurate weather information inside the sim, which makes realistic flight planning and flying difficult. For example, ATIS may or may not actually provide the correct weather and runway. Metars may or may not be correct. On most of my flights, I plan for approaches based on ATIS and then end up scrambling when I get a completely different approach at the last minute–and then I still have no idea what the weather is really doing. On my last two flights, I ended up missing the first approach at minimums when ATIS was reporting VFR.

I guess what I would say is that MSFS is a bit of a victim of its own success. The scenery is so realistic–particularly when you fly out hand-crafted airports–that it makes the lack of realism elsewhere seem very painful. I suspect that if you come from p3dv4.5, you will end up being disliking both sims–you won’t like flying in MSFS because of the lack of realism in areas previously explained, but you also won’t like going back to p3dv4.5 because the graphics of MSFS will spoil it for you.

If you are currently happy with p3dv4.5, I would probably suggest waiting for at least the CRJ release (which will prove the viability of the sim for complex add-ons) and/or the Quality Wings 787 release (which is really what you will need to fly Europe).


FYI: MSFS needs to be installed on the Windows drive. If you don’t do that, there is a bug which will prevent you from copying anything out of your community folder. This makes it very difficult to manage add-ons.

Thats not true, i have MSFS on D-Drive and no problems

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Good to know. It may be that there are conditions where you can get away with it. For example, perhaps this bug only occurs with SSD drives. It is a known issue however, and many of us have encountered it. In my case, I tried to install on a second Samsung Evo 1TB drive running on a PCI adapter, so I suspect the OP will experience the problem as well.

I have mine installed on my H: drive, yes you can get some issues but for the most part I can drag and drop stuff into and out of the Community folder, I have had issues though where it says I don’t have permission to place files in the chosen location, only when moving files out of the community folder, can usually drag and drop files in without problems .

Yep, that is the issue. For me not being able to drag out was a problem because I use an add-on manager and I store my add-ons elsewhere, using symbolic links in the community folder itself.

If you strictly fly study level (I include the Zibo here) airliners IFR you may not be satisfied with the feture set and accuracy. Also airliners at large airports are the biggest resource hogs so you would need a high end system to run them with all the eye candy turned on.

As others have said there is a one month introductory offer for Xbox game pass for $1 so the cost to try MSFS out is negligible. Just remember to cancel.

I enjoy MSFS2020 A LOT, but only for bush/GA flying. As a P3D 5.1 user, I always go back to it when I want to fly airliners.

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My Biggest problem are the each time a new updated is coming. I got my FS2020 form the Microsoft Store. Once they release a new updated, it fails updating with an error message and forces me to reinstall the entire 100+GB flight simulator. I could not get that fixed nor did the microsoft support respond to my ticket.
After months I found a work around with backing up the local Packages folder and restore it from there before I run the FS2020 after the new FS2020 engine was installed.

That nailed the problem I am confronted with both simulators since august 2020 till now! One is fustrating, the other old fashioned.

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As I’m mainly a GA flyer, I’m enjoying myself - mostly…

But as a RW pilot, the weather situation is nearly untenable for me.

It’s random, wrong, not matching METAR’s
Selfishly, I wish they’d stop with all the content updates and work on the weather situation.

“Weather” is not some ancillary component of a flight simulation program. It’s absolutely core to the experience and I really hope it’s high on their list to address.


Wow thanks everyone . Looks like I’m not buying it till around summer maybe winter 2021. I might even upgrade to p3dv5. I fly only payware tubes . I got pmdg 777 747 737ngxu , TFDI 717, Aerosoft A320/321/330, Majestic Q400. All those are far away from being introduced into MSFS I’ve read . I also use ASP3D for my weather and I know they aren’t close to having it in MSFS . The sdk, I read on fselite of the UK update , stated that the sdk had been updated giving more ability to creators . I don’t want to use MSFS if I don’t have ASP3D or at least one of my payware in it . I do see that payware scenery is being developed like a race horse at the Kentucky derby ! Also what is a big negative is the MSFS atc . It sounds robotic !!! I use Editvoicepack and IMHO I like Fsx/p3d atc a lot better with the Editvoicepack mods . MSFS sounds horrible and absolutely unrealistic . Payware aircraft +ActiveSky+Atc fix is definitely needed . Looks like $65 upgrade to p3dv5 is coming this Wkend . Btw…I got 8700K delidded @ 5ghz , Gtx 1080ti FTW, 3200mhz 32gb Ram Corsair , Gigabyte Z370 Aorus gaming 7mobo, DarkRockPro 4 cooler…I hope that’s substantial ? Also 150mbps internet using a Netgear Nighthawk 7000 combo router/modem

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