Shout out to Asobo

Here it is a Saturday and I’m checking my email and seeing support responding for the bugs I’ve filed in Zendesk that they are being added to their internal bug and issue tracker. Seriously, thank you Asobo.


I think they work Saturdays and have the rest of the week off!

Only kidding☺


:rofl: you have to admit that would be a rather awesome work schedule, but only if you get paid for a full weeks worth of work.

Yes, that would be the icing on the cake!

yup same here getting emails about my bug reports as well and ones from the beta so thank you Asobo

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Same here. They send an e-mail in answer to my ticket. With a ton of eventual solutions!
Unfortunately, none worked out. But it doesn’t end here. They wrote in the case nothing should work out, i had to file dxdiag and msinfo32 in .txt and send it to them. They are going to try to fix the problem based on the 2 files. Now waiting for a second and hopefully working answer.

I also got responses today. Cool!

Also got a lot of responses through the day. Sadly, the e-mails were all generic in nature with not even a hint of the subject line (potential for improvement on the e-mail notifications there!) so I had to log into Zendesk to see which ones had been updated and I can see that many were moved to ‘Solved’.

It’s great to see the reports were collected and (hopefully) logged appropriately for a fix in whatever order they are prioritised.

I think you’ll find that solved does not mean fixed…it just means it has been added to the list.

I know, that’s why I said that it’s great to see they were “collected and logged”, in their internal tracker, to be fixed in future all being well :slight_smile: (assuming you were reply to me).

Before my tickets change to “solved” then I assume they have not even been looked at. Now I know they are “received” :+1:t2:

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I just wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you!!!

Were you able to tell for which ticket the emails were? Mine just said:

We have recorded the bug you have submitted in our internal bug and issue tracker.

To understand what will happen next, visit the Zendesk Bug Reporting FAQ

With no issue ID or title or anything, just “the bug.”

Since I believe I got one fewer emails than the number of issues I filed, one of my bugs will not be fixed and I’ll never know which one. :smiley:

:smile: Don’t worry, I won’t be. I know it’ll take time, several patches down the line, with a long testing period etc. I have waited years for a sim that had the potential of MSFS, so another few months or years is nothing :wink:

If you go back to Zendesk and log-in, then click on your name in the top-right corner and “My Activities”, you can track the status of each of your requests.

If you’re already logged in, this link should work:

The reply-to email address has the ticket id in it but that is it, nothing that actually gives any idea as to the actual ticket title :smile: .

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No, is no true.
Asobo is a two guys actually…all the team was fired after release date.

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