Shout out to AzurPoly for making the Fouga (relatively) easy to set up with SPAD

First off, this is a great addition to my hanger. Stunning model - especially for the price. Flies beautifully, sounds great, and looks amazing inside and out.

What I’m most impressed with is how they coded things using mostly standard simconnect data, eschewing the use of elusive and sometimes completely inaccessible ‘other’ variables. Lately it’s been a real struggle with new 3rd party planes trying to find the data associated with things in the virtual cockpit and bind them to my peripherals. I had a smile on my face as I worked on the Fouga. Nearly everything was really easy to create SPAD events for. That’s become increasingly rare these days. Merci beaucoup!

A couple of exceptions were the red and UV light controls (haven’t found the data for those yet,) and the landing light (none of the data I found could be used in SPAD to turn it on and off - I had to bind that one in the sim’s lighting controls section.)

Overall, though, hats off to AzurPoly for this really cool aircraft, and especially for making it (relatively) easy to set up in SPAD.