Show distance, course and speed of other aircraft in traffic nameplates

Show also distance and speed of all other aircraft. Maybe with a checkbox selection in the menu bar.

With addition to the nameplate, aircraft type and altitude, it would be nice if distance in nautical miles were displayed under any AI/Live or Multiplayer traffic.

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I agree. Distance is a no-brainer. Speed maybe optional?


DEFINITELY ! I cannot imagine why more people do not join in on this request.
Spawn at an airport, see a multitude of A/C around the airport and they look close but in fact they may be far away. A DISTANCE TOOGLE selection would be perfect !! A method to only show aircraft within your selected distance.


Yes, it would be nice to be able to set a custom distance for visible sim pilots.

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Yes! These this and other tracking information was standard in FSX. IDK why they didn’t decide to keep them?!

Just make them all optional… so you can enable which ones you want to show.

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That would be perfect.

A hot key to enable/disable them on the fly is pretty important too (I know it is another topic on here). There is a fan mod that allows this but it doesn’t work if people leave/enter visibility range.

A small but crucial enhancement that is much missed.
Give me the ability to select the info elements of choice and the rate of rotation too [a la P3d].


Hi. Where can i get this mod…? Thanks!

It is bundled with a few others here:

Agree. Does anybody know how far away from you these labels will appear. Flying at my local airport, I was surprised by how many labels I saw, but only one of them got close enough for me to actually see the plane.

Probably 25-32nm.

I fly in my local area, Pensacola, FL, KPNS.
I was surprised to find so many aircraft labels in the air but almost NONE at the airport.
They were all way out of the area. Made the airport look marginally busy but actually very little traffic around the airport.
They really do need a switch to limit how far out aircraft are shown. I do not care to see a bunch of msfs simmers 50 - 100 miles away that I will never be able to fly near…

Flying together in a Group would be easier if - beside the altitude - one could also see the speed and course of an other groupmember. If this can be added, if possible with possibility to switch on or off, it would be great.

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Bram Stikkel

I would like other players nameplates to include miles/ km from your own aircraft position alongside their altitude that is already shown.

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I’d like to see this addition, with the distance in Nautical Miles (NM)


Distance, speed, course/heading shoud all be selectable in the options and the nameplates in general should be toggable with the help of some key binding. How hard can it be.