Show EFB-Apps and Performance-Monitor with HP Reverb G2

Hi pilots :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, the options under WMR are not as extensive as with SteamVR (at least as far as the tools offered are concerned).
But WMR can do more than I thought.
I now have build the display of my with XMapsy connected EFB apps from the iPad in VR mode and also a very convenient performance display via the mirroring of a second iPad surface.
I also made a short video about it:

The solution may not be as good as it would be with the OVR Toolkit, but my G2 runs much better with the Windows openXR than with the steam openXR …
I mirrored the screen of my iPad (here Airnavigation Pro coupled with XMapsy) with the AirSever software for Windows 10. In addition, I have also integrated my 2nd iPad (on which Pitikapp runs for performance monitoring).
Under WMR (I use an HP-Reverb G2 here) the AirServer window can easily be pinned in the Cliff House.

Greetings Michael

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