Show some love to ASOBO and MS (GOOD WORD ONLY )( No complainant )

Please show some love to THEM , we give them tough love , but let them know we still love what the create… give them power … and we will still protect them and what they create.


Give me a patch with autopilot fixes then we could talk about it


This is gonna go down like a led balloon…

Thanks Asobo :+1:


Thank you so much Asobo!

I hope you guys see all the positive things said about MSFS above all the complaining about launch day bugs (yes I know the bugs are important please don’t complain on this thread guys, I know it’s annoying to have bugs but it’s impossible to fix everything before launch)


oh come on … the error with the autopilot has existed since the alpha … as if they didn’t have long enough time


we have so many topic can feedback and complain … me too i complain alot… but give them just a cozy place to see the positive …

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give them plenty of love when they fix the problems…I feel like a beta tester and thats just downloading it

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sometime i was thinking will they accidentally sent out the beta version, not the official :smile: version.


Fair enough

I appreciate the fact that my computer hasn’t caught fire yet. Thanks devs!

There’s a backstory here involving emergency use of marine grease for thermal paste while I waited for stores to open, but I’ll save that for another time. :joy::joy::joy:

I would but… fix the installations bugs first so we can actually play the game

i dont know will my PC will hold for long routes in the future?

You should be fine. I had paste going bad, and constant flying over the past few weeks exposed/accelerated the issue, but I’m running fine temp wise since I fixed it.

I mean, technically, I do have them to thank. There was a rapid decline to the point were the processor was hitting thermal limits pretty much even just when loading the sim, and slowing itself down to the 2ghz range to preserve itself. I probably wouldn’t have noticed so soon if I wasn’t fiddling with the sim, and monitoring hardware accordingly.

This shilling is disgusting…at the end of the day we are paying consumers…
My money was gratitude…I bought the product.

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Despite the flaws and what I feel was a rushed launch it’s still spectacular and I am having so much fun with it. Outstanding job to everyone who worked on it.

i pay money too

I heard helicopters will cost more money in the form of DLC

Can you guys give us at least a hot air balloon for free?

i dont fly helicopters …sorry. hot air balloon too… :smile:

What did they show us when they took our money ??? certainly not ‘love’…

There’s a difference between being a fan and then being an overly emotional brown nosing biased stan.

How can one expect improvements of such a sim when there are folks who will deflect and sugarcoat its critical flaws?

Isn’t that just as toxic as anything else?

I don’t want stans testing my alpha builds…I want blunt honest enthusiast who want to see improvements and progress and who hold me to some sort of standards.

It sucks to see such enthusiast being painted as villains and"problematic complainers"
this new sim is starting to reveal a new cultural wave of “lets not ■■■■ off the million dollar developer companies or they may not add anymore shine to our new toy”.
I have a list of bugs and discoveries of the alpha build but let me not come off as too critical or a complainer and cut the list down so I won’t ■■■■ Asobo off?
You aren’t really helping overall progress of this sim then are you?

Enthusiasm in flight sims and emotionalism aside…I am a paying consumer first and foremost.
It’s okay to have standards and want improvements of software YOU have paid for with YOUR hard earned money folks!

Its okay!

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