Shrike Simulations F-86F Sabre [Released!]

In the real aircraft, you actually trim it nearly full aft/nose up for takeoff. The reason for this is that the elevator trim in the F-86F really just moves the stick fore/aft. By trimming the stick aft/nose up, it lessens the strain on the pilot to have to pull the stick back to raise the nose (working against spring bungees). Then in flight, you’re constantly rolling in forward/nose down trim as the aircraft accelerates.

I have to say that in my experience, setting the trim slightly aft/nose up, with the yellow takeoff trim setting light momentarily illuminating on the instrument panel, the aircraft has never had an exaggerated takeoff/climb, but seems to accelerate and climb at a reasonable/accurate rate depending on power and trim settings. In my experience, after takeoff, pulling the throttle back to 80% power, a climb rate of about 2,000 fpm is established (constantly rolling in nose down trim as the aircraft accelerates, as per reality), and the airspeed stabilizes around 255-260 knts.

Speaking of trim, world-renown warbird pilot, Steve Hinton, talks about the importance of trim in the F-86 a few times in this very informative video on flying the F-86F. He mentions that the elevator trim in the F-86 is really just moving the stick forward/aft (as the Shrike model captures), and that in the real F-86 you trim it nearly full aft/nose up for takeoff in order to ease the pressure/forces that the pilot would need to exert if the stick were too far forward (due to pulling against the force of spring bungees). He also goes onto mentioning that the F-86 requires constant adjustments to the elevator trim throughout flight, but that aileron and especially rudder trim is hardly if ever touched.


@AlanA4643 and @JohnnyT5000 Thanks to both of your excellent responses. I will give it another shot in a couple of days and see if your input will smooth out my flying experience. Much appreciated.

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After landing and shutting down the engine, I fail to restart it. The engine is hot. The standard procedure ends with a drop in RPM during startup. Maybe someone can advise something on this issue?

Restarts fine here. Maybe you forgot to take it out of cutoff? Did you follow the engine start checklist?

Restarting the engine works, I just have to use the mouse to operate the throttle.

New problem: Is it normal if, after landing, rolling down the runway with the fairing pushed back, I turn off the engine and switch the battery to OFF, the fairing closes?
More specifically, I noticed that the open fairing closes when the aircraft stops. When the plane is rolling with the engine off, the fairing is still open.

It’s a bug that affects several aircraft - happens with the Flying Iron Spitfire, too. Not sure what the issue is. Had hoped SU15 would take care of it, but no such luck. I usually just open the canopy up again, then close out the flight.

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I’m extremely happy that one of the features now (planned?) in 2024 is opening doors. Glad they finally woke up to how important it is to many users.

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So, I’m finally getting back to the sim after a 7 month hiatus, and I just went to the Shrike simulations page and attempted to purchase the product, and instead got a message that they’re not set up to take my money. Anyone else have this experience or know what’s going on?

Just checked the site and got the same. Looks like it’s a problem between Shrike and their payment processor - maybe a certification issue or some similar kind of glitch. Hope they can work it out fast because there don’t seem to be any third party purchase options.

I just posted about it on the Shrike channel in the Blackbird Discord and added a screenshot. With luck they’ll pick it up and take care of it.

It’s a pain to have to delay but the Sabre is worth the wait - currently tied with the GotFriends Wildcat for best value in the sim, and one of my top three (with the Wildcat and the FI Spitfire) for most flown.

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I hit up IndiaFoxTecho about this as the F35 does this too and this was the response - “This is automatically commanded by the sim when you reach the end-of-flight menu. There is nothing we can do about it, unless we rever to the Local Var animation which creates problems in multiplayer.”


Any word on more Liveries? Specifically RAF ones.

I’ve found a single RAF one on but kinda holding out until some are available on marketplace.