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The shutdown procedure leading to log menu needs improvement. The menu should only appear when the master is “off” and not when the avionics are “off”. Currently shut down is erratic and kills the sim experience. Can we have an option to remove the shutdown, or at least ensure it only happens when master switch is “off”?


100% with you. Go into the bug section and up vote my topic. It honestly just needs to go away. I only want it to pop up if I command it to. Apparently this is a “feature” from launch, but it only started happening for me after the 12/22 update.

I just can’t for the life of understand how they thought this was a good idea to force upon everyone without having a setting to turn it off. :rage:

If you know a workaround let me know. I’ve even tried developer mode as people mentioned that that wouldn’t log the flight but that made no difference for me.

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Unfortunately, I’m one of the 14 that had already voted on your bug post. Amazed that more haven’t voted. Currently the whole shutdown process is wrecked because of that darned unwanted screen interruption. I guess it’s a sad indication of the percentage of users who are gamers rather than simmers. I hope someone reads this and considers the points, because the “democratic” process of votes clearly isn’t going anywhere!

It started happening for me on the previous update (not the Dec update). I suspect it was a hack solution to get things to shut down for the log book to register flights.

WIth the sheer number of bug / wishlist posts to vote on, especially having to weed through many of the whiny, self-inflicted issues and such, it’s hard to fine the posts worthy of an upvote. I’d totally vote for this change if I could find it.

Agree with this 100%. Most annoying thing in the sim for me right now. When it brings up the log for me it also shuts off my rex weather at the same time making instant clear skies. There really needs to at least be an option to switch it off altogether.

The original vote post is here:


Agreed - and voted!

Asobo, please listen. This is at least the third thread condemning what you have arbitrarily changed with logbook popup.
A hot fix is in order or a commitment to fix this is the NEXT update.
Thank you.

The sim was made by folks with a lot of talent, but without much experience using a flightsim.

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