Siatek ST290Pro - No Trottle option

Can anyone help?
I have an old Siatek ST290pro. I have mapped the main flight contols and camera views to the tophat, but there seems to be no option to map the joystick throttle control or the trigger button which i used for brakes on P3D/FSX.

Any advice welcomed.

Are you trying to set up your bindings by using the “Select An Input” drop down list or the “Search By Input”? If you select “Search By Input” it will light up. You can then activate the physical control on your joystick and MSFS will (hopefully) recognize it. For the Throttle, you will want to use the “Throttle Axis” command. The sim might recognize your trigger as a “digital” input (all on/off) which wouldn’t let you use the Axis Brake commands. You’d have to bind to the regular Brake commands which are all on or off.

Sorry if this doesn’t help for your particular joystick! I know there have been some controller inputs that get interpreted by the sim as “on/off” vs linear. Generally though it’s the selected command that is incorrect - there are a ton of them! Rick

These might also help as you continue to fine tune your controller setup …
MSFS Controls Guide: [HOW TO] Use the Interface to Configure Your Controllers
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Hi I have the same stick… use the z axis L for throttle and z axis R for rotating… re rudder axis… Do not use Rudder left and right as you only get full rudder not incremental setting.

For your info… I have the Saitek Pro flight Yoke system with throttle and that works much better with the exception it has no rudder so I created another profile for the ST290 for rudder and brakes (trigger is button 1) and then I plug it into the Pro Yoke. Now I have decent control over rudder and brakes using the stick while very good control with the yoke system.

ST290. . . can’t get the throttle to work properly. Using the Z axis. . . remapped brakes to another button. The throttle stays at idle until my joystick throttle almost commands full power. . . then the airplane throttle drives to full power. . . same with decrease. . . joystick throttle is almost full decrease before airplane throttle moves. . . then it wants to go full idle. . . there is no in-between.

Messed around with the sensitivity and dz. Sensitivity. . . gone from 100 to -100 and parts in-between. . . all it does is change the linear scale. . . but the dz is set to 0 and the scale ball moves the instant I move the joystick throttle. . . changed the dz as well. . . changing either sensitivity or dz has no effect. . . I’ve also tried to remap the profile several times. . . messed around with remapping the keys for throttle as well.

I’m not having much luck there as well. Main concern is getting the ST290 throttle to work right. . . any help is appreciated!!!

Ok, got it to finally work. Was mapping throttle “increase” and “decrease.” Deleted those and tried just “throttle axis”. Didn’t work at first. Throttle would only increase. Tried mapping both directions. . . didn’t work. . . tried “axis” for increase along with “decrease”. . . sim didn’t like that as well. Went back to just “axis” and had to mess with “reverse” a couple of times. All of the sudden. . . throttle works great!!! Not really sure what “reverse” had to do with it. . . but it’s working.

As an additional note. . . here are my final setting for sensitivity and dead zone. These setting give me a somewhat “real” feel for flying the C-172. Haven’t tried them on other airplanes yet. Please let me know what you think. . .

X Axis Sens 0% DZ 14% (Ailerons)

Y Axis Sens -50% DZ 19% (Elevator)

Z Axis Sens 0% DZ 20% (Throttle)

Do you have a screenshot of the controls/settings?

Could you be more specific? I’m having the same problems. What do you mean by “mess with reverse”? Thanks!


Trying to get the throttle to work