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Greetings, while I do hold a private pilot ticket, I do not have an instrument rating. So my question is:
If there is a SID at KIAH for example. There are multiple speed and alt. restrictions for both turboprop and jet. Upon departure, you never see an airliner IRL sticking to the altitude restrictions like hitting a 12,000ft altitude 60 miles away from the departing airport. Why even have the SID if DEPARTURE is going to tell you to bypass the alt. rstrictions?

They are usually precautionairy for passing traffic at or near those waypoints at the end of the SID. If no traffic is there, ATC clears the aircraft with a ‘no altitude restriction instruction’ allowing for further climb.

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Makes sense. Thanks mate!

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Exactly that and in case if comm failure. I don’t know what SID we are talking about but usually you don’t have to hit a certain altitude x miles out, usually altitude restrictions are AT OR BELOW, or AT OR ABOVE.

Yes, I see that. Thank you.

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