It’s hard to know where to begin with entering flight plans into MSFS via default CDUs, except that this must be a widely recognised issue, meaning that there must by now be a workaround.

So, in the B787 or B747, when trying to enter a departure runway and SID, or perhaps an arrival STAR with instrument approach, that in selecting a STAR makes all instrument approaches disappear off screen.

Removing the STAR allows the instrument approaches to reappear, but selecting for example the ILS, the STARs then disappear.

This occurs at many airports, but lets use the following route (which I’d normally fly in the CRJ but I’m trying to fathom default CDUs, including the 747, 787, CS 777, Bredok 737):


The selection of departure RW01 with MELA2B is fine (or even RW19 with another SID), but the entry of arrival data is impossible.because choosing a STAR removes the APPs, or vice-versa.

Trying to import via SimBrirf in the case of the Saltty Mod doesn’t work, and entering the route by hand is also not possible,

I’ve tried adding STAR waypoints into Simbrief as part of the FP, but this is not straightforward.

Also, altitude constraints cannot be adjusted, which means that the aircraft will stay at CDU cruise altitude for each of the FP waypoints. Of course, you can override this via the MCP, but that defeats the object of the exercise.

Is MSFS CDU flight plan insertion and management really so broken that it is not possible or viable to utilise properly?

OK, this has been read a few times, but so far without answer, which is fine.
I thought, howewver, that I’d preempt requests for clarifications by uploading a brief YouTube clip shoiwng this issue in the MSFS default B787 for an approach into Mumbai VABB:


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