SID STAR with A320NX

Since I have updated to the new stable release of the Flybywire MOD the plane doesn’t recognise anymore the SID and the STAR selected through the initial flight simulator map. The plane autopilot follows properly the route in between SID and STAR but not the start and end of the route. Anyone with the same problem? Thanks

This is an example of discontinuity
Senza titolo

Click the CLR button to make CLR appear on the scratchpad, then press the button next to where the F-PLN DISCONTINUITY appears, and voila, no more discontinuity.

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Thank you but I wonder why A32NX is not loading anymore the flight plan properly from the map since few days. Thank you

A “MANUAL” followed by a discontinuity means the pilot will get vectors from ATC to the next waypoint. This is by design. The issue is MSFS doesn’t yet do vectors, so you have to vector yourself. You should read the documentation on the FBW website about discontinuities. They explain this better than I can.

Edit: This behavior has been in the Development and Experimental versions for a long time, and they eventually get into Stable. This is why you haven’t noticed before.


Thanks, but till last update few days ago everything was loading properly

Thanks, understood now why I didn’t notice before, I was always using the stable. thanks

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