Sierra Navda challenge wont complete

Current Build all up to date.

I have flown the Unalaska Challenge and it after I landed at the last airport it said I had completed it and congrats. Next time I looked it said I had not completed that last leg. So I repeated it and it worked. So I went to Sierra Nevada.

Same issue. After flying the entire 10-hour trip I landed at the final airport and it after a complete stop the sim did not go to the “Leg Completed” page. Just sat there. again. I rebooted to see if it recorded the win and was just confused. But no joy, the leg and there for the entire challenge cannot be completed. So I re_flew the leg this AM and completed it just fine and the same thing happened.

Anyone else seen this behavior?


Do a search in the forums here for “challenge not completed”
There are quite a few threads that show up.

Yes, this is a known problem for a long time.

Well, I’m new over here… XPlane guy…
I searched but was too specific. :crazy_face: