Significantly longer load times after 1.34.10, often followed by CTD

I re-enrolled my desktop (7800X3D / RX 7900 XTX / 32GB RAM / Samsung 990 Pro 2TB x2) into the beta.

Load times (Always with all WUs, CUs, Top Gun & Red Bull)
• No additional Marketplace content: 1:48
• All Marketplace content: 2:35
• All Marketplace & Community folder content: 2:48

So far, too, no CTD when clicking “Ready to Fly”.

BAM!! Nice work, Asobo!


Keep up the good work, some of us appreciate it, and understand the huge and tedious effort that goes behind it.

In case I’m not the only one a little confused after your many posts, is it correct that you have 2 PC systems and on one of those the latest beta has fixed the load time issues but on the other it has improved but not fully resolved them?

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Thank you.

Yes, I have two PCs.

On my main simming PC the issues seem to be, thus far, resolved. I don’t have long load times. I haven’t done any flights, but I’ve loaded into the cockpit three times with different 1st/3rd party aircraft/airports and I’m not getting the near-instant CTD after clicking Ready to Fly. Both of these are huge improvements.

On the PC I have kept in the beta this entire cycle, I am seeing massive performance gains within the My Hangar part of the sim where I previously had very long delays/load times when loading different aircraft and livery combinations. I am also seeing an improved sim launch load time when I keep the three airports uninstalled that I much earlier in this cycle identified as problematic for my load times. I have not, yet, tried loading into a flight on this PC. In previous builds, I saw very long load times prior to getting the Ready to Fly screen. Sometimes in excess of 20 minutes. I need to test for this tomorrow. I would also like to delete and redownload the three airports to see if there is, perhaps, something going on with them that is contributing or if their influence on loading times persist after being freshly reinstalled.

In short, there have been big gains here, but on the one PC I still see issues with certain content.

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my MSI laptop SSD Yes
Screenshot 2023-09-06 001152

At one point I had a load time well over 10 minutes. With today’s version that load time is now 4 minutes and my overall FPS is much better.

Yes, I think 1.34.14 nailed it.
Loading time now about 15 minutes, which is about what it was before SU13 (with 80+ 3rd party airports/scenery from the marketplace and a ton in the community folder). No CTD when pressing “Ready to fly”. I had no time to fly yet, but I let the CJ4 sit on the runway for 30 minutes and so far everything is okay. Performance wise I cannot say anything yet.
But I can fly again. Thank you!

For me, the .14 release solved the long load times, and MSFS startup is even faster now than it was before entering the beta. Pre-beta it took about 2:20-2:50 to get from clicking “Play” in Steam to the MSFS menu screen, with the previous beta releases this took 5-6 minutes. Now with .14 I’m down to 1:50 to 2 minutes - great improvement on my system.

Also I’ve yet to see any “Ready to Fly” CTDs since installing .14 (knock on wood). Looks more stable, and finally I can fly again.

Well, i DONT have the issue without Marketplace content installed, i DO HAVE the issue with Marketplace content installed.

So, i will click yes then…


WD Black SN850X with Heatsink

Problem of the poll is now, that people might mix the versions.
Before 1.34.14 all was bad, now all seems good.

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Can you share what those 3 airports are please… or if you do not feel comfortable pointing them out in pub;ic, then please DM me with their names. tnks

With all WU’s, Marketplace content (mostly aircraft - 1 airport) & community items (7 of them), I’m at 4:15 mins

These are the three I’d mentioned much earlier in this thread.

Again, they are Marketplace purchases, not Community folder ones.


My testing (prior to, which I haven’t had enough time with) showed, that those three airports added 1+ minutes to my load time each.

I also want to stress, though, that the same three airports when installed on my other, more powerful, PC doesn’t seem to be affected by them, at all. Again, though, I just re-enrolled that PC into the beta last night, did a few launch timings with and without add-ons and have not done any isolation testing. That will occur today.

This latter point, was something that I was afraid of in that I’m not entirely sure if these issues with specific airports are going to be universally an issue for anyone who has them. This is why, today, I want to completely delete and redownload them on the PC that is definitely affected by them and see if that has any affect on the load times.


As, potentially, ridiculous as this sounds, I’ve had the thought that the airports loading slowly on one PC and not the other could be due to one being Intel/Nvidia and the other being AMD/AMD.

But that seems far-fetched.

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On my desktop — 7800X3D / RX 7900 XTX / 32GB RAM / Samsung 990 Pro 2TB x2 / 4K @ 60Hz — I just pulled the three airports — MMGL, MHLM, S68 — out of my OneStore directory and timed the launch of the sim: 03:02.

That is an increase in load time without them installed from: 02:48 with them installed.

Make of that what you will.


I put them back in and the launch time increased to 03:08.

So today, the sim is loading 20 seconds slower than it was last night with the exact same add-on configuration.

More importantly, though, the three airports that are greatly affecting the load time on my other PC are having a negligible effect on the load time on this PC. Herein lies the mystery.

C (System + Steam with MSFS System files): 2TB WD Blue SN570 NVMe

D: (MSFS Official/Community) 4TB WD Black SN850X NVMe

Loading times in SU13 beta markedly longer, some Marketplace contents installed

I just deleted and redownloaded the 3 airports – MMGL, MHLM, S68 – from the Marketplace and timed my sim loading with and without them installed on my second PC (i7-8750H / GTX 1060 Max Q / 32GB RAM / Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB / 1080p @ 60Hz).

The issue remains.

Load time with the 3 airports installed: 5:00
Load time without the 3 airports installed: 3:40

This is still an improvement over what I was seeing with these airports during prior builds of the beta cycle. Each of these airports were contributing 1+ minutes of load time, so all three together were adding an additional 3+ minutes to my sim launch time.

Clearly, that has been reduced from 3+ minutes to 1:20, although it still seems to indicate there is something off about them, specifically.

Again, as I stated earlier, these three airports on my other PC have a negligible effect on the load time, so the issue seems to be specific to the one PC and not universal.

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Looking at the release notes it doesn’t say anything about addressing, let alone fixing this.

So either:

  1. it’s not fixed, and users are reporting a placebo
  2. it somehow fixed itself, maybe a remote server got back into sync during routine maintenance or something
  3. the release notes are incomplete

I’m tempted to rejoin the beta, but I’m also tempted to just fly and enjoy the last few stable weeks I might have on SU12.

Speaking for myself, this is no placebo. The load times and in-sim hangar performance is in such stark contrast to that of prior builds that there is no mistaking something has been changed.

Hi folks,

We’re seeing multiple reports from testers that this issue is either improved or resolved in the .14 beta build. We would appreciate some numbers to go along with the anecdotal comments, so please vote in the poll below.


  • I have never experienced this issue in the SU13 beta.
  • I am still experiencing this issue in, and there is no change compared to previous SU13 beta builds.
  • I was formerly experiencing this issue in the SU13 beta, but it is now FULLY resolved with (loading times approximately the same as the release build).
  • I was formerly experiencing this issue in the SU13 beta, but it is PARTIALLY resolved with (loading times improved compared to previous SU13 beta builds but still noticeably worse than the release build).
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I wish I could vote twice. Since you have access to the results, please add a vote for my other PC that would fall under selection 3.

My actual vote is for my one PC that has seen improvement, but not full resolution of the issue.


So, after actual positive feedback to build, I’ve just re-joined beta. After update of all the packages and subsequent MSFS restart, I can confirm the massive improvement with current beta build:

  • it took 4 minutes and 32 seconds to completely load to the in sim “home” screen (measured from double click on sim icon on my desktop)
  • I have all my Marketplace add-ons (all updated to the latest available versions) and some Community add-ons installed - total 1216 add-ons within 898 packages
  • In previous release build wit the same content it was about 5 minutes to load the sim
  • In previous beta builds it was 15+ minutes

For me it’s a huge improvement compared to previous SU13 beta builds and slight better than previous release build. Many thanks!

EDIT: Just being curious about what was the root cuse of this issue and how the devs have identified and fixed it. Of course if CMs can share this info with us. Thank you.