Silliest mistake you’ve made while flying in MSFS?

Me too.

One of my first flights ever. I was so nervous, checking my speeds, checking once and again my flaps, but having a very hard landing due to a retracted landing gear.



Today’s was trying to take off in a glider with airbrakes fully extended and wondering why it wouldn’t fly. The tow pilot didn’t seem too amused, he cut me loose.

I’ve read several accounts and seen videos of this happening IRL as well, at least for me I just restart and do it properly.

I wondered why none of the virtual passengers were moving… silly me. Check lists are essential!


I have made many mistakes (luckly they are becoming very rare now). Among them:

  • Getting distracted by the nice outside view and not pulling gears. Several times. And I usually only find out when the Fenix A320 refuses to accelerate :frowning:
  • Forgetting some lights (taxi lights, landing lights…). Several times.
  • Silliest one: Unplugging the external power just before pushback, only to find out that the APU had not started. Everything dark again, and ADIRS needing alignment. Only once (I think).
  • Minor one: Forgetting to close the cockpit door before take off, so that any passenger can hijack my plane… A few times
  • And several others that I cannot remember now… LOL
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Flew for 4 hours in 737-900 not realizing I had the air brakes engaged/spoilers engaged the entire time. smh.

As we say in Dallas, bless my heart.

I imagine almost all of us have “landed” while forgetting to lower the gear…but how many of us have done that while livestreaming on Twitch to hundreds of viewers? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Anyone ever mention that you may need a ground school refresher course ? Smile

In Nashville, they say “Bless Your Heart”.… Happy Flying

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I can honestly say I’ve never done this (so far). Probably because I use external view a ton, especially when landing. Kinda hard to miss seeing landing gear that way. Lol

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been there, done that :joy:

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Ouch… I’ve been guilty of a few gear up landings. Never on a live stream though. lol

Oh well, at least it’s in a sim and not IRL, so while it may be a tad embarassing at the time, you can always laugh about it afterwards.


Fell asleep on a 10 hour flight from Heathrow to Lax having a few beers listening to music…600NM ish past LAX ran out of fuel and ended up in the Pacific ocean in the 747

Cant wait for shared Cockpit, Just saying

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Planned out a long-distance flight in the C172, got up in the air, set the autopilot, engaged 2x time acceleration, then sat down on my sofa to watch anime on Crunchy Roll. I would check the distance to my destination every so often… but then, while I was watching TV, out of the corner of my eye I see the plane rapidly (because of 2x time acclleration) dive to the ground, but it crashed before I could react fast enough. Turns out I planned everything for the trip… except the amount of fuel needed. Facepalms all around.

The worst part? I was using NeoFly and the trip was for a sizable payment, but since it crashed, I lost the plane and didn’t have the money to buy another one, so I had to reload from a backup of my career, which was not recent… set me back about 20 flights and a ton of money and experience points. :frowning:

I will say: one of the best features to avoid “Silly Mistakes” in the PMDG 737 is “Pause Sim before Top of Descent”. Take it to cruise altitude, up the Sim Rate to 4x or even 8x, walk the dog or do whatever, plane will be paused about 10 miles before ToD, when all the fun starts.

Not related to a silly mistake, but I still laugh when I think of that endurance race we did, and you finally finished the last leg, put on the parking brake… and 3 seconds later… CTD :joy:

Brilliant streaming moment for the archives, nearly spat my coffee all over my yoke when it happened :joy::joy:

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I still have the clip for that! This was after 21h23m of consecutive flying from Paris to Dakar in a Pipistrel Virus. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

When I first bought the sim and a gaming PC I quickly found out that you don’t update Nvidia drivers half way through a 4 hour flight. Didn’t end well.


Here is mine from the older, locked thread… I’ve had a few. I like these topics, as pilots we should always be talking about our close calls, scares and lessons learned, the “hanger talk” can be super valuable!

It doesn’t happen anymore, but… forgetting to start the APU after landing.
You feel bad while docking and: Slowly …4m… slowly slowly …1m… STOP. Set parking brake, while forgetting to turn on the APU Bleed as well, engines off and… darkness is made.

Was playing with the headwind 330 tablet at about FL350 when enroute from ESGG to KBOS near Greenland and wondered what happens when I click that „cargo door“ button. Well, I learned it the hard way within seconds…

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