Sim brief and the a320

Hi all
Just a very quick question. Am I right in saying that the a320 fly by wire data does not match the a320 data in Simbrief? So when I in put all relevant information for a flight plan all the weights and fuel is going to be in accurate
Is that correct? If so how do I update Simbrief or update the fly by wire so the information is correct. I think I’m talking about fuel weights and maximum take off weights and of course empty weights.
I’ve seen Somthing on you tube saying the a320 does not match the fly by wire so just wondering how I go about this
Many thanks

I think you are right and I also believe that the problem is Simbrief, it does not have the A320 Neo implemented, but the A320-200 and hence the difference in characteristics.

Correct model here: A320NX Github Simbrief Profile


Thank you very much, do not know this, it is a great contribution.

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