Sim brief

not sure if anyone is aware but you can now download plans from there.

works easy : download to what ever file you want /created , then in game just load them up from world map.
you can tweak in there if you wish.


Yep works great!

The only issue is when we change the STAR or runway to land the flight plan changes to default Fs2020…hopefully that gets fixed

Also reverts to default plan if you change start location form the runway to a gate.

Although an easy fix (workaround) for the STAR is to change it in the FMC of the aircraft you’re flying. This also changes it on the VFR map.

On my side when I change to the gate the flight plan doesn’t change at all.

Just loaded my flight plan from EGLL to KJFK using the plan from Sim Brief. By default it starts you on the runway. Changed start point from runway to a gate and it recalculated my route. If i set a gate before my flightplan it changes it to the runway

Further testing showed what i was doing wrong.

I was zooming in on the airport and clicking on the gate i wanted to start at rather than selecting from the drop down

My experience with this is that it sometimes works but mostly it ends up choosing a bunch of different waypoints and sometimes SIDs/STARs simbrief chooses aren’t in the game so the task is pointless.

After you guys upload the flight plan from a simbrief to the Flight Sim it will show the departure the plane will be at the runway,to change that DONT go in to the option where you can zoom in the airport and choose “the gate”,if you guys do it like that the flight plan you guys loaded from a simbrief will disappeared and the default one from the flight sim will appear.
To change to the gate just click where it says “departure” and pick your gate from there,when it comes to the arrival DONT change anything there.
Choose your arrival runway in the fmc in the aircraft.


I’ve been using simbrief to find fuel loads, for my jobs with OnAir. But I didn’t know I could then simply plug and play simbriefs flight plan, how do I do that?

Yep, been using for years with X-Plane.

It’s an option on SimBrief when you’re creating the plan. You can’t miss it.

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