Sim crashes when zooming in at the worldmap

We automatically ask for this data when you submit a technical ticket on Zendesk.

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Thanks for the clarification DevilNumber - I’ll butt out now and let you get on with it :slight_smile:

Yes I noticed afterward that it didn’t mark my post as a response to you. ^^

I was replying to your post about the fiber connection.

I’m in France and to be honest I don’t think our bandwith is the issue, but here is mine.

Capture d'écran 2023-10-23 125953

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I’m on a fiber optic connection in Wisconsin for those who are interested…

Everything I’ve experienced has already been reported multiple times in this thread so no need to repeat it all. I did complete a Zendesk ticket the other day so, hopefully, we’ll see movement on this problem now.

Thanks for informing us
I wasn’t specifically asked for it, but perhaps it’s in the files sent?
I can add it to the ticket that’s still open if you lik ( Request #200968)

Switching off the Weather layers from the World map fixed the persistent CTDs while using/zooming the map. I also installed this mod JayDee´s World Map Filter Presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS. I used also the “World Map Filter 03- All But Weather”, but I edited the NAVAIDS / RNAV / Airspaces out of it, to have the default appearance at startup, just without the weather.

You find the edited version attached. Replace the file in JayDee’s mod after you renamed it to only “WorldmapFilters.xml” (without the “.txt”).
WorldmapFilters.xml.txt (12.1 KB)

Edit: No need to download this file. JayDee added a 4th preset that does exatly what I did. It only removes the weather layer to act as Hotfix for this bug.
JayDee´s World Map Filter Presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

I thought it was just me missing it when I filled in the ticket and so felt a bit embarrassed when I posted above but I’ve just attempted to create a new zendesk ticket and it definitely doesn’t explicitly ask for connection details.
However you can see the data fields unpopulated (of course) when you look at an already entered ticket. @DevilNumber1706 can you assist on how we get the ticket UI to ask for connection details.

Thanks. That’s 11 out of 11 members who have posted they are on a high speed connection who are seeing this issue

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Just to add an information to the thread : My internet connection reaches 30 Mbts only at full speed and have no ctds!


@ LostChicken1948

There is a “Hotfix”. Maybe you can edit your First post. JayDee´s World Map Filter Presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS JayDee added a 4th preset that only removes the weather layer to act as Hotfix for this bug.

I’ve also experienced CTD in the last couple of weeks and yes my download speeds are between 800-1000mb with Ethernet connection from modem to PC.

Yes, it works on the world map, but not necessarily for CTD when you launch a flight (for me, 25% CTD when the flight loads at around 80%). To prevent CTD on the world map and at flight launch, disabling bing data seems to be the best solution (at least for me)

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Ok. I almost never had the 25% crashes you describe. This makes a 100% Fix for me. Your experience may differ.

Let’s summarize: This “World map disabling the weather Fix” disables all CTDs I have wile in the map. It doesn’t mean that it is meant to cure all CTDs-
It is not a Fix. It is a just go around. Furthermore, it disables just another feature that was working once, just to keep this simulation working.

The Topic is: “Sim crashes when zooming in at the worldmap”

I’m just happy that I can use the map again without CTD, It was so frustrating the last 3 weeks (since SU 13) to unplug the Ethernet cable to start a flight.


It’s less frequent but it sometimes happens to me in flight, generally before the approach.

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Internet Connection 10.23
Yes, here’s my speed test, fibre connection (France)

I’ve just submitted a ticket with the DxDiag/ MS Info/ Internet connection speed and other things. Hoping the problem is resolved quickly :')

Same issue here, 1Gbps net connection (really, can easily do around 120-150Mbits even with MSFS downloads and 700-800Mbits with contents having better bandwidth) so I can also confirm internet connection is not an issue for this bug. Started happening a few weeks ago.

Same issue here that has started recently. I didn’t have it before, but now whenever I zoom in on the world map when trying to select my departure airport, the sim CTDs.

That’s now 14 out of 14 members who have responded indicating that they have the issue and have stated that they have high speed (fibre) internet connections.

Remember to fill in a zendesk ticket as requested here →

However despite the moderator stating that the ticket will ask you for your connection details I found that not to be the case when I filled in my ticket (as did another poster). So it may be useful to include your connection details in the description box that you do fill in. I can’t help but feel this is important to the issue.

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The situation is definitely getting worse, for me it started about two weeks ago, never had the issue before. Some days I was lucky, but now it’s a nightmare, almost all my tries with Bing data and satellite view on world map make my sim CTD.

Yesterday it even happened just before approaching my arrival airport (KMCI).

Funny thing, I just remember that my Bing data were deactivated after the SU13 update, maybe Asobo already knew it was the best thing to do ^^

Same here. I never had CTDs for months until last week. The world map and in-game CTDs seem to be related. I also can’t slew because I get instant CTDs. Prior to last week, I could slew at 8x without any issues.