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Xbox Series X

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Brief description of the issue:
After updating to SU8 beta the Sim freezes in content manager when checking for updates and starting the download

The same with me on XBOX. freezes while downloading/installing a world update in the content manager. After that CTD. Worldupdate 4, 5 and 6 have still been open. WU 4 went through like this. WU 5 and 6 also had problems. Sim freezes but no CTD. Installation could be continued.

Same issue on PC (Steam version). Managed to install world updates one by one but updates to premium and deluxe edition results in CTD.

wow, thank god am not crazy. I thought I was the only one with this problem

Any fix for this issue?

Had the same

Had CTD crash while the smaller World update patches were downloading. Xbox ver I wasn’t doing anything but sitting waiting for the downloads to finish.

Going to try one more time with update UK.


I was able to individually download each of the WUs. When I attempted to download four of them as a group it managed to download two and then CTD.

I’m also unable to download the Junkers Ju-52, Deluxe Upgrade and Premium Upgrade updates. Any of those will CTD.


Downloads for World Update 4,5 and 6 are the downloads that are left to complete but can’t since it’s frozen. No CTD for me on Xbox Series X. The other downloads went fine.

EDIT: All updates have downloaded successfully, including the issues I was having with World Updates 4,5 and 6.

SOLUTION? I chose to update them individually instead of selecting all if that helps anybody.

Yep I had 1 crash to dash on series x when I was downloading the updates in content manager. I also had it freeze a few times, but it eventually snapped out it without me doing anything.

This was one of the issues we encountered with SU7. The sim would crash when trying to update the PD Edition content in Content Manager. It would appear the culprit was a Marketplace add-on causing the crash, although which one was never readily identified.

The workaround was once CTD, reload the sim in Safe Mode, and complete the update that way. Then restart the sim in normal mode.

Not sure if it will work for PC or if there even is a safe mode for Xbox or not. Hopefully this helps at least some of you.

I thought for shiggles I’d see what happens on my boy’s Xbox Series S.

As with my Series X, the sim update at the OS level went fine.

He didn’t have the Deluxe or Premium content installed, because I’d upgrade from the base sim to the Premium Deluxe since the sim was last run on his Series S. Therefore, once it got into the sim, it automatically started downloading the Deluxe and Premium content rather than needing to patch it, as it does on my Series X. This ran without issue.

I then selected the Junkers update and it downloaded fine without issue, unlike on my Series X where it crashes every time.

He doesn’t have any of the WUs installed, so they will be clean installs rather than patches, too.

Clearly, the issue isn’t universal and there has to be some variance to our installs that is the issue.

Since, regionally, both his Series S and my X are on the same network, ISP and routing path to the servers, that can’t be the problem, either.

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Interesting, thank you for sharing!

@NixonRedgrave are you on an Xbox Series X or S?

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I have this issue now after todays update (PC) :frowning:

Never had it before.

After the latest update, black displays are coming back after 2 hours of flying during descending.
After a couple of minutes the game crashes, is anyone else here who has the same issue?

I have both.

I primarily use a Series X, which had all the content installed. It is the one having issues with CTDs.

I also have a Series S in my boy’s room. It occasionally sees sim use. It did not have all the WUs installed, nor did it have the Delxue or Premium content installed (as stated, the sim hadn’t been run on it since I purchased the in-sim Premium Deluxe upgrade). It also hadn’t seen some updates to two 3rd party planes, nor the SU8 update to the Junkers.

As of this writing, I’ve got the WUs installing right now. I haven’t seen any CTDs, nor any strange “freezing” of the sim during the process as I have and am currently seeing on my Series X.

I’ll update this thread once the Series S WUs install and/or if there is an issue during their installation. As you know, this will take a bit of time to complete given the overall download size.



Xbox Series X.

Got completely freezed (need to reboot) in content manager after downloading the update for :

  • World Update IV : France, Belgium… (2 times. One during downloading megeve package. Second time after the download was completed)

  • World Update III : United Kingdom & Ireland

  • World Update II : USA

Got major freeze (more than 30s)

  • downloading World Update III : United Kingdom & Ireland

  • downloading World Update II : USA (while downloading Friday harbor 1.4.fspatch)

No issue when DL of :

  • World Upadte VII : Australia
  • World Update V : Nordics
  • World Update VI : Germany, Austria…
  • Premium Upgrade
  • Deluxe Upgrade
  • Aviat Husky A-1C

Other add-ons installed :
New Zealand Mesh
LFPO Paris Orly Airport
LFBH La Rochelle
Landmarks Paris City Pack
Garmin 1000 NXI
Enhanced Airport Graphics
Boeing 777-300ER
B747 Livery Pack One
Airport Static Aircraft
A320 Neo Liveries Pack EU
Aviat Husky A-1C


I get exactly the same freeze when trying to update in content manager. I’m on series X

Had 23GB in content manger of updates over 12 or 14 items. Got to 4 world update updates and froze - no CTD.

I then tried updating one update at a time and the minute I clicked the first one another freeze - no CTD!

So, booting the games back up first the 3rd time, I had an idea of deleting one of the world updates and try reinstalling it. I selected one (UK) and clicked delete. It deleted it and immediately froze again.

4th time starting the sim up this time I selected the remaining 3 world updates and deleted. This caused another freeze but I expected that.

I’ve now started game for 5th time and the 4 world updates have gone in to not installed folder. Currently installing one to see how it goes!



So I almost made this topic I guess we all having issues