Sim Freezes when Loading into Airports/Airfields SU5 and WU6

I answered your post about the “new” report about

which is a different scenario as the discussion former in thread.

We know that some airports, in special in UK and or some payware airports cause since Su5 such kind of freeze while go into the flight.

For freeze while go back to main menu, I have different things and topics in mind:
example: Sim freezes when pressing esc to go back to main menu since update 5

This solution solved the freezing problem for me:

You’ll have to forgive me. I’m completely worn out from all the scenarios that have arisen, or discussed. Yes it is new. It started this morning.

So it does look as though I have two different bugs, that may or may not be related, yet have similar results. I’ll have to once again empty my community folder and see if I can resolve the issue.

I have spent more time troubleshooting since update 5 than I have flying.


no worry, was not meant as cristism, just as hint :slight_smile:

I have the same question…

I assume what we can say is : these kind of freeze-reports comes more or less on top since the Su5. If users done test-cases to eliminate all causes on here side, there is a high chance of a in-game bug.
The first thing I noticed after the update was exactly a freeze e.g.e.g. ) like you reported… I simple un-installed the marketplace add-on and the original airport works.

I’am not sure about the freeze while going back to main menu. I also forget that we have a “freeze” and not “CTD”. This points also more into direction “in-game issue”.

May be devs already noticed it and next update bring a fix for affected users. ( I expect at least a fix for the killed marketplace content, like airports(caused the freezes) and also airplanes (e.g. long flights with the mooney are no longer possible, because fuel-tank-selector is broken. The fix must come from add-on developers, but have it’s cause in Su5. ) ).

it was realy not the best update :wink:

I never took it that way buddy. You were polite and respectful, and after reading your post again, took it for how it was written. As in it was a new bug not related to the progress bar freezing.

For me this is the biggest issue. We have heard and read a lot about CTD’s from Asobo staff. They know it is an issue, and are working towards a fix. Hopefully for everyone in receipt of this issue.

As for the Freezing progress bar, I haven’t seen a single comment from anyone at Asobo about it. Its as if it doesn’t exist. This thread doesn’t exist.

All I want is to hear someone from Asobo say, yes we know this bug is happening, and we are actively looking for a fix to resolve it. If this had been done, then this thread would have been a third of the size. I would have sucked it up, and waited for a fix. But as of now its radio silence. Why?

Please just tell me and everyone else with the same issue, you know it is happening, and you are looking into it. That’s all I ask.

I hope they not shift the “bad boy medaille” to the third party developers…

As example I found this thread ( I have to add a comment that the list in first post is wrong ):

There is no Voting in these area, because it is “third-party”. But a ‘freeze’ ( or behavior similar to a freeze ) of the application needs a fix in the game itself ( simple showing the user an error ) and this independ of that an add-on is incompatible with an update ( where I can live with ).

Unforunallity the users also mix the issues… blue bar issue at 80% is not same as at 50%, but it’s often all in one topic ( example: Version Freezes on blue loading bar then crashes to desktop ) . Problem is , users get still no informations on which step the app is. These blue-bar is without any kind of textual-info is more or less useless. We just learned on the hard-way which “%” value is possible which “step”.

The issue with the freeze while go back to main menue comes then on top.

For me the old issue with these so called “official marketplace content” comes again and again on top. We discussed a year ago that these content have to be qualitiy ensured, e.g. the third-party-developers which offers the content must do a pre-check and so the add-on can flagged as none-compatible and we know that the add-on will be disabled and that we have to wait. But,… I come off-topic…

I realy hopy your assumption is wrong and devs noticed that there is issue which needs possible checked :relaxed:

PS: I installed now extra again the orbx eglc add-on, and still the same thing: 50% blue bar , app is in task-manager flagged as “not responding” and can only killed

Well call me Mr Workaround lol. I’m trying to use the Sim without having to delete any content I have purchased.

My list of purchased items:

MSFS Premium Deluxe - with all World Updates
Aerosoft Cologne Bonne
Aerosoft CRJ 550/700
Pilot Plus High Wycombe (Booker) (awesome btw)
Orbx EGLC London City
Just Flight Piper Arrow Turbo III/IV
Just Flight Piper PA28 Warrior II (with my own custom skin, and custom cockpit textures)
Logitech Multifunction Autopilot Panel (with plug in)
FsRadio Panel Pro (for tablet - including plug in)
Navigraph (with sim connect)
PMDG DC6 (obviously outrageously awesome)
Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog
Two Button Boxes

So compared to many other simmers not the longest list of add-ons. Now as things stand, I have two workarounds for the freezing on the loading bar, and coming out of a flight, back to desktop

First workaround for loading bar freeze is to (say I want to fly out of Booker) go to an airfield near to the airfield I want to fly from that freezes. Load into that airfield (although I’m still confused why I can load into this one and not the one I want to fly from), sit on the tarmac for 60 seconds (2nd workaround takes place but I’ll get to that), go back to main menu, then load into the airfield I want to fly from. This works every time.

The second workaround for the freezing when clicking main menu after a flight is to instead of clicking main menu straight away, load a discovery flight. Fly this for 60 seconds, then click main menu. This is getting me back to the home screen more times than not, although it is still hit and miss.

As you can see it’s a bit of a head ache, and time consuming, but it is allowing me to actually fly. It also allows me to not have to uninstall any of my add-ons. I really can’t be bothered to install and delete, rinse and repeat, until I find if at all what is causing the freezing. Unless asked by Asobo. If that was the case of course I would if it meant helping to solve this pesky freezing.


Same issue here…London City pack and Cape city in South africa scenery from Orbx freeze in loading…They are buyed in marketplace…If they were buyed from orbx central in community folder they work…I have written to orbx…Thei said that are investigating…Ther’s a workaround…from London I start from heathrow…Once loaded i can restart i flight from london city airport and in flight near london(for example the walkie talkie).Same from the scenery of cape (south africa).If i start on flight near the port the load freeze…If i start from a near runway it load. After that i can load in flight near the port of City of cape…I have about twelve scenarios and the problem is for London City and City of cape

Update: Orbx said the London City pack is on the way to be updated…No news For City of Cape

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@BillUp72 , @Luigipsi

I noticed these workaround with these kind of “preloading” (?) too… also you can fly over the issues airports if the add-ons are installed and you spawn enough far away . But, it’s to much " click’i " for me… I fly in meanwhile in other parts of the world :slight_smile:

for what it’s worth: Drzewiecki Design Chicago and Moscow Scenery not loading after SU5 - #22 by Hav1c1009

Im having the same issue. It starts loading a flight, then stops about 70-80% and gets stucked. I have to force the app to close then.

Did a fresh reinstall of the sim and no improvement. Community folder is empty. Cant use the sim :confused:

What I recall doing just before this happened was putting a space here:

Then my sim got stucked on loading flight screen. When I reverted back it didnt help. Neither did the reinstall.

I was able to fix the problem by uninstalling the World update USA from the content manager, delete the rolling cache and increase its size to 32gb, reinstalled the WU USA and I can now spawn at KJFK, no freezes.

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If it’s stuck on the loading screen, you probably added a “space” into the atc_id. The one I specified in that post is not really a space. But it’s actually a valid character that is invisible. If you put a space (from your spacebar) then the sim will freeze on loading screen. You need to copy paste the whole thing from my post so that your clipboard captures this invisible character.

I had this issue happen to me out of the blue yesterday. Starting a new flight at EGLL, EGKK and a few other UK airports reliably gave the loading hang every time. Starting a new flight at a geographical location I hadn’t been near recently, LEMD for example, worked fine without issue. This was with all add-on content removed.
That made me think there might be an issue with something in the UK location data likely to be present in the rolling cache from recent flights.

Deleting the rolling cache solved the issue. Hopefully this might be a useful first step that others can use before going down the more drastic options that have been suggested.

Have I submitted this via Zendesk? No. Perhaps I will. The last time I had a rather significant CTD issue Asobo QA seemed utterly uninterested despite my offer of full user-mode crash dumps. I just don’t think they have the QA/support resource to engage with anything but the most widespread issues.


I have the same problem during loading the flight: the blue line stops at 3/5. Reinstalled windows and flightsim 2020 several times and still the same problem. Already 3 weeks ago I talked with the Microsoft helpdesk. The lady explained that it is a worldwide problem by a lot of flitsim 2020 users. They are working on it (3 weeks ago alsready). Till today without any result! What I really dont understand is why they still selling the flightsim in the Microsoft store, while the product is useless. No press information at all that they are working at the solution. I think on the very moment the press knows this and ask them for a comment they will be in panic and do something. Fe: remove the game from the store and replace it for a game without the last update and after that investigate what the problem causes. But 3 weeks and nothing…? Come on Microsoft.

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Just so I am sure. You sent a ticket to Asobo via Zendesk, and you got a reply back saying they knew there was a “worldwide problem with a lot of users with the sim FREEZING and they are working on it?”

The reason this is important, and you explain it in your post, there is complete radio silence about this issue. Freezing while loading into an airport/airfield.

I was working with Asobo/Microsoft via Zendesk to try and solve the problem, and they must have got bored as they just stopped replying to my emails.

I hope and pray to the big man himself that this is true, and they are working on a global fix. There are so many triggers for the problem including 3rd party scenery, world updates, completely vanilla installs, rolling cache, no rolling cache, complete wipes of Windows and MSFS, drivers installed, no drivers installed. As a mere mortal I lost my marbles. I hope the experts at Asobo have a fix.

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Hi Bill, no I didnt send a ticket to Asoso. I talked by phone with the Microsoft Helpdesk, because the Flitsim is named; Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. And there a Dutch speaking lady give me that answer, because I am from The Netherlands.


Oh right. Wow actual verbal contact :grin: Well that offers encouragement to us all that has suffered the indignity of the constant written posts in this thread. I feel like a right miserable sod chasing this up. I just want my Sim back.


Been figuring yout what it could be. Found out that when I turn off “Online functionality” under DATA the sim loads normally.
Hence there is something blocking the connection I believe.
So I wanted to add exemption to the Windows firewall but it reported I didnt have access to the “FlightSimulator.exe” file. So I entered the path manually. Allowed inbound and outbound traffic, but still no luck.

Tried to turn off Firewall in W10, but seems to have no effect.

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Same issue here. This is starting to get ridiculous. You just don’t know what to expect every time you want to start to relax and take a flight.