Sim Freezing requires forced CTD

Since the WU installed today, rolling cache is off. Time 16:00 - 17:15 GMT

Sim loads to menu, select aircraft (Headwind 330), departure (LPMA) and hit Fly, loading bar stalls at about 40% and sits with zero CPU activity. Did this twice in a row.

Changed aircraft to Fenix 320 and load was quick, flight successful and at the end going back to main menu it hung and required forced crash.

When the flight is running all add ons/connections working as expected, Little NavMap, Navigraph Charts, Streamdeck panels.

Only change is the WU.

Anyone else seeing anything similar?


Similar here WU installed. 3 times Fenix A320 flight freezes 15-20 min into flight, all other add ons/connections OK. Only solution is to end task via task manager.

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Same here, running into the issue on the climb to cruise, so between 15000 and FL300, no indications as to why it’s happening, it just freezes with engine sounds in the background until I close it with the task manager. My last freeze occurred not 15 minutes ago at FL220. Only happening in the Fenix.

My experience with recent CTDs is similar to the above posts. I’ve had four CTDs over the last month, all at the same point in the transition from viewing the logbook after completing a flight and returning to the Main Menu. The progress bar freezes at the very same point in every CTD. One of the four crashes froze Windows so no Task Manager.

So I get about a week between sim crashes.


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I had the exact same problem. The issue is probably caused by some mod. I made many attempts and in the end I realized that in my case the problem was caused by the Global AI Ship Traffic mod. I solved unistalling it.

Nothing in my Community Folder yet.

I meant that my problem was the same as @Lochboisdale’s. Your issue seems a bit different.

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