Sim hangs up at checking for updates

Back up and downloading here in Australia. Took a couple of minutes to get through the checking for updates screen but now downloading at 10mbits/s according to MSFS. It looks like whatever I have downloaded already has been saved (only 35GB to go instead of 40GB when I started).

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Thank God your progress was saved.

checking updates was fast and the main screen came up pretty quick.

it’s launch day for Xbox…servers are getting hammered.

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I’m going to try to use the europe server, not the USA WEST…I hope it will let me fly…in Hawaii here…

  • bob

Download hung up again at 33% complete and then MSFS crashed to desktop. Restarted MSFS and the download has resumed. Only 24GB to go.

Same thing here… left it downloading the update, came back to find myself back at the windows login. Don’t know if it completed the download or not. Logged back in, checked the community folder, restarted the sim. New startup screen with a rhino, and then up comes ‘Checking For Updates’ and it never gets any further. Any more like this?

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