Sim is making my Monitor/TV crash

Last week I bought a Samsung NeoQLED 8K (QN700B) for the sim.
Bought also HDMI2.1 Cable to support 8K 60Hz.

But when I started my system I saw that it wasn’t displaying 8K native.
Saw a Linus video showing a Input Signal Plus function on the TV that enabled 8K resolution on Display settings and Nvidia control panel. But only at 30Hz. This wasn’t very useful to me because of my GPU Limitation.

Then I started experiencing the TV turning off and then back on as if there was an power outtage.
Tried switching resolutions down to 4K 120Hz but the image quality was not real 4K, then turned down to 4K 60Hz and the image quality was actual 4K with the ability of HDR 8-Bits.
On Nvidia control panel, it was saying that the native resolution for 4K was (3840x2160) but isn’t 4K actually (4096x2160)?

I started playing first with the actual 4K resolution (4096) and it was giving me this crashes on the TV.
Then switched to (3840) and was still having the issue.

Always after I started sim and was on climb and during the entire flight every 1 minute the TV would crash. Sometimes even display a green screen of static, just like old times on a old tv with no signal, but green.
But after I landed and turned around the flight went smoothly and had no issues, if I had it would be way more spaced between crashes, like 20 minutes or so.

Then I went to play Forza Horizon 5 and it ran smoothly without any TV crashes ( running native 4K 3840 60Hz)

I thought the problem got solved somehow.

On the next day I booted Flight Sim and it all started again, crashing every 1 minute and only after I finished my flight it got stable. Played a little more Sim just to check if it was holding the TV correctly and it was.
So I found a pattern, after 30 minutes or more of TV and PC running it stopped crashing, so what could it be, a TV that needs to warm up? Or a PC or Flight sim that needs to warm up?

I decided then to turn PC off and TV and leave it for a hour or so to cool down.
I turn the PC on and decided to do things differently, I started Forza first, played for 30 minutes with no crashes at all!

Then closed Forza and started Flight Sim and right on the checking for updates, the TV started crashing, sim is the most likely guilty here.
This is why I’m writing here and not on a Tech forum, because I believe Sim is causing me issues.
It’s still weird that after 30-40 minutes of the sim running the issue just goes away.

Could sim be ouputting a different resolution than what is set as native on Windows and causing the TV to get confused?

Does any of you have or had the same problem?
How can I fix that?

Some useful things:

  • On my research I found that HDMI 2.1 does indeed stream 8K at 60Hz, but my RTX2070 Super only outputs HDMI 2.0 which can only stream 4K 60Hz.

  • I know my 2070 Super isn’t capable of running anything in 8K, I plan on upgrading my Rig with an 4090 and a Ryzen processor in November.

  • Knowing I’m still not able to play 8K, I’m aiming for 4K 60Hz

  • I factory resetted the TV and got the same results.

  • I requested a return for Samsung and since it’s holidays on my country they still haven’t made contact to appoint a pick-up, so I’m running out of time here!

That’s all I can think of for now.


are you sure the issue isn’t your cable? I’ve had issues with seemingly identical cables, one working, and one not. Might be worht trying another cable (even if not 2.1) to see if you can get the TV stable before returning it?

That’s a possibility will give it a shot Thanks

True 4K (4096x2160) is typically used in digital cinema, but only because most ‘4K’ monitors only support 4K UHD (3840x2160.) With a 16:9 format, the extra pixels of True 4K would have to be letterboxed, or anamorphically scaled.

The green screen you see is something choking on the digital bitstream. The fact that your TV is shutting off is pretty concerning.

Is there something I can do?
I’ll for sure be returning this TV and will be getting another one, same model and everything, just a different unit.

If the problem is solved then the TV was guilty, if not I know it might be something with the cable or PC, GPU…

Tried a different cable and it got better but I still get some TV Crashes still.

Will keep you guys updated, thanks!

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I’ve been working for a broadcast A/V dealer for 30 years now. I’ve seen a lot of gear come through our doors. Whenever I see the green (sometimes green and pink) distorted screen it means something is broken, usually something to do with digital processing boards or cables. I’ve seen it with display panels themselves, but in those cases, I would never see a good image.

I hope a replacement monitor fixes your problem.

Believe me, those things can be damaged in shipping without any sign of damage to the box it came in. Just laying it on its side can easily damage the panel. We had eight 85" monitors delivered to a jobsite, and the customer received them in another building, layed them down and stacked them on top of each other on a pallet, took them across the street with a forklift, and then stood them up in the commission chambers where they were to be installed.

It took a lot for the customer to admit that they had damaged them. We have a new policy in place now: No one but our installers are allowed to move monitors from the receiving dock to any other location.

And this digital processing boards are only on the TV or are they on the GPU as well?
Meaning if after replacing the TV the problem persists, it’s maybe a faulty GPU, am I right?

The TV might just be busted. I didn’t realize we’ve even sorted out 4K just yet.

I just did a quick search and found reddit threads complaining about it including green screens. I didn’t read the entire thread but there’s some gaming PC settings talk. There’s quite a few more threads than this one

Might just a be a setting somewhere on the TV or or native Nvidia settings though.

Where’d you even find it?, I saw threads from a year ago that they dropped the price $1000 and it shows discontinued.

I’d just get a U7 or U8 under $1k or a C3 over 1K.

I think it’s possible. But if you had a faulty GPU I doubt you’d be able to get any video out of the ports.

I had this issue with my Samsung where it would seem to shut off then a few seconds later it would come back on. I cured it by fitting clip-on Ferrites to the HDMI cables.

Yeah I saw this post, it helped me regarding image quality and refresh rate.

A Linus Tech Tips video told to not use the Nvidia control panel, something about compaitibility.

My bank has a great deal on this TV, it was the same price as a NeoQled 4K of 50 inches.
So I bought it.

Thanks for sharing that, today Samsung came to pick up the TV, so I’ll get another unit and if the problem is solved great!
If not I’ll try some of this.

Hopefully it’s just the TV then, since the GPU works fine with other monitor including 144Hz Samsung