Sim is missing the reverse banking yaw effect

When flying any GA aircraft , I noticed that the sim does not simulate the momentarily reverse yaw effect that occurs whenever the plane starts to bank on either direction.

That effect is known due to the sudden aerodynamic drag force that occurs on each wing due to the increase / decrease of drag on each wing due to the higher / lower angle of attack on the attached aileron.

The higher wing will have an instantaneous higher drag force as the aileron is tilted downside (i.e higher angle of attack) , while the lower aileron will have lower drag due to negative angle of attack , which results in a sort of reverse yawing attitude in the direction opposite to the turn direction , for just couple of seconds until the forces are stabilized.

This phenomenon is clearly felt during real life flying , but not simulated in the simulator
I wish the developers succeed to add this effect for extra realism


The effect is very small, much smaller than in the other sim I have experience with (XPlane). However, there is a preview release of a Grumman Goose that does exhibit adverse yaw. It is fun to fly and a nice challenge to operate the rudder when turning. Initial Release: Grumman Goose G21A Redux II

It’s been a bug post for ages, cast your vote and add your message to this topic:

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