Sim just continues to crash and will not work after this update today!

Hi All,

I joined the Beta (via the HUB on Xbox) a few days ago to help with the fixes. So this morning I started a flight from IL to KLGA - NYC. Mid-flight I paused - went to the Xbox home menu, suspended the game until my work lunch. I just got on a few minutes ago and as soon as I started the Xbox from instant on, the game wouldn’t start and did an update, okay, no biggie, however, now it just continuously crashes as soon as it drops you into the game from the map, you click fly, it stutters a second then CTDs…

I don’t have xbox but I had to update a few things in the store … and (if you can) clear your rolling cache.

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Update, I didn’t have any updates in the store, the rolling cache, for some reason wasn’t on - I turned it on. It crashed again but the second time it seems to be working, I am in the air, going to suspend it because I have to go back to work, let’s see what happens later.