Sim keeps crashing GTX 3060

It’s sad, I can’t even try to attempt long haul achievements. Just yesterday I was in the middle of the artic, 6 hours of flight attempting the “frequent flyer miles” achievement, and then it suddenly crashed.
As I’ve seen many similar posts telling the posters that their pcs are garbage, let me tell you, I have a very up to date gamer setup, including my GTX 3060.

I wish there could be at least some indication as to see why the game crashed but no.
Microsoft, please stop the landmark updates and focus in fixing the instability of game please, thank you.

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WU’s are done by a different team (non-programmers and usually outsourced) than those who work on coding.

Looks like its going to be another sim update with more issues. I have just installed the latest update and tried to fly the F14B with some of the switches not working so I dumped that idea and went to my trusty Aerosoft CRJ 700 and took off from Vancouver to Portland and half way thru the flight bang!!! CTD with nil warning. Totally over it and I have 1 word to end this post…Incompetence.


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