Sim locking up when having dev mode windows open

I’ve experienced the sim locking up when having dev mode windows open.
This was fairly infrequent but is now happening all the time and prevents me from being able to work on projects. It seems to have got worse since opening the symObject browser windows. It’s now shut, but it’s still an issue

I get this all the time. It happens when a tool window either crosses another, or is placed by mistake outside the screen.

All I can do is reset hit reset settings if it’s looking like windows are getting dangerous and try to keep them fixed. Even then it still gets me fairly regularly. It eats a lot of time and it’s also a complete and utter waste of it.

Yeah, so painful at the moment. I’ve figured out the mouse displacement issue by setting the resolution back to to what it was originally. Now the mouse hover lines up with the clicks.
Hopefully they fix this very soon as it’s hard to learn this with it locking up so often!

development mode causes freeze! since the last update if I am in development mode and open a project or try to work in a new project MSFS freezes and I need to close MSFS via taskmanager

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I confirm, after the update, it became impossible to use the development mode: as soon as I try to build my project, the simulator completely freezes and I just have to close it. I also noticed that the game freezes in development mode if I just try to open only the console (Window - Console). A corner of the console appears in the upper left corner of the screen and when you try to pull it out completely, the simulator freezes.

I’ve found a work around. I think probably the same that PinkPantees uses. in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator there is a file called IMGUI.INI which stores the window positions. If you drag a window over the edge of the sim’s main window it causes the freeze and stores the position in that file. You can delete the file or modify it’s content to solve the problem. I would suggest getting the windows as you want them laid out, make a copy of imgui.ini so if it happens again you just overwrite it with the backup to restore it


The problem with the console seemed to be resolved when I removed one of the test models from my project, returning the state of the project at the time BEFORE installing the update, when in the current state the development mode worked flawlessly. However, now the dead freezes continue when I select bgl-asset and click the “Load in Editor” button and try to load a known working scene.

UP: the problem has solved. Just rolled back the NVIDIA video driver.

I seem to be encountering this issue frequently too, at first I put it down to maybe a bad GPU overclock, so I reverted the settings to default but I still encounter the issue. I can load into projects just fine but out of nowhere the sim will just completely freeze up, and is only closable through Task Manager. This is bugging me as it’s not even to do with moving the windows around necessarily, even stuff like pressing the Save Scenery button in the scenery editor will sometimes crash the sim. Hopefully this can be resolved in the next SDK Update when World update 3 is released in Feb.

I’ve not had any issues over the last few days. Had a couple of Nvidia driver updates since so maybe that was the answer for me aswell

Hi guys, I’m having this issue too. I use the Game pass version of the sim so when I install liveries I need to do it through the developer mode (I think. I can’t find any community files in my documents) whenever I press tools in community files the sim just freezes. The music keeps playing and I can move the cursor but nothing at all responds. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Go into the install folder with the sim stopped and rename the file imgui.ini. the sim will re-create it on start up, but it will most likely solve the issue for you

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