Sim looks "washed out"

Went in for a flight on the Xbox this evening and the sim seems washed out…colors were horrible. Haven’t really noticed it before. I checked my TV settings and everything was as it should be. After an hour or so, I quite the sim and went back to the Xbox menu and my eyes were almost burned out with the vivid color!! My eyes had obviously adjusted and were then strained when I came out of the sim.

Are there any color settings within the game?? Anyone else experience this?

No colour option in game at this time.

Did you try different settings on your TV?
No idea what you have, but modern sets have multiple options.
Vivid, movie, game, thx and many more, not to mention separate controls for hue, saturation, temp, custom setting, etc…

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I’ve noticed in certain areas and especially if you fly during midday with few or no cloud cover that this washed out look seems apparent. If you go to an area more rich in color variations and either fly early in the morning or later in the evening, and also make sure there is some cloud cover providing shadows, then that’s when you see the real beauty the graphics of the sim are capable of.


Was about to say the same thing. OP check your TV settings it can help a bit. My Panasonic TV has that Game and Vivid mode but I actually found the regular movie mode with reduced color is best. The Vivid mode is a bit too loud and so is Game. Everything looks highlighter neon. Play with the sliders and you’ll find a good setting.

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Yeah, I tried placing it in vivid mode, and it improved things slightly, but when I went back to the Xbox menu, I had to turn it back to normal because it was too bright.

It seems that the game has it’s own factory settings that we’re unable to change.

Not just on Xbox. I’ve noticed the washed out nature of the sim. I also feel like the bing imagery has taken a hit too, it looks awful at times.

It really is like fighting fires trying to enjoy this sim.


yes, noticed but can’t really tell if it’s me or not
as said above whit clear skies and sun high it’s way more noticeable

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Just use reshade if you are on monitor,I’m waiting for the openxr toolkit brightness and gamma sliders for vr because rehade doesn’t work in vr.

On pc with monitor, but it may help.
I turned up saturation 20% and reduced contrast 10%, monitor preset game mode: moba/rts.

Colour tuning is very subjective because everyone’s eyesight and personal taste, varies.

Hmm, I don’t think that’s really possible with Openxr as a post process. But I’d be happy if I’m wrong.

The sun position and weather will do this but it’s a model of reality. You can try changing time and weather during flight to see if that’s what is going on.

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My x-box sim seems this way too, it looks like the sun is always full-on, regardless of time of year.

I did have a look at settings and i see HDR is off and greyed out - I’m a relatively new user - is this normal, or even related??

The monitor is this - Samsung U32R590 32" curved screen

Have you checked on HDR 10 on Xbox settings ?

Or may your screen doesn’t support HD

Its greyed out ?

The monitor is UHD capable or is that not the same thing.

You’ve got hdr10 settings on msfs panel and hdr10 setting in Xbox screen configuration panel . This last has to be switched on

Ok, thanks, i’ll check that tomorrow

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