Sim not saving settings upon launch

Sorry for posting this issue again as there are others having the issue as well. I have read everything I can and still no solution.
PROBLEM: When I go into the sim, it asks me about my settings as if it is the first time it ran. This is in a repertitive loop as it happens every time. I have reinstalled 4 times, making sure that everything is deleted. I have also deleted the USER.CFG.OPT file and had MSFS make a new one. All to no avail. I just did another complete reinstall and it is still happening.
I really need help on this as I am totally stumped. Thanks gents

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I’m having the same problem all of a sudden. I’ve been running this game since it was released. and this just started 2 days ago? Did the new update do this?.

This is possibly related to an error in Gaming Services app if you bought it through MS Store.

The Gaming App should update automatically though.

Hi, has anyone resolved this issue? I am experiencing the same thing as the OP