Sim now seems incapable of rendering overcast using live weather

Sim update 11 and STILL the sim is unable to depict an overcast layer as it could do perfectly well
before SU7. We have all this gimmicky stuff such as the Wright Flyer (who on earth is ever going to use it more than once or twice?!), but something fundamental like weather - nope…

Asobo, do you actually understand that overcast means eight eighths sky coverage - which means no blue sky???


I guess a big part of this problem is that live weather does not simulate cloud types very well. It’s all cumulus! We need thick, stratiform cloud layers for OVC.


Or maybe… just maybe, the clouds come from Meteoblue and not METAR like Asobo claims, which is why it doesn’t always match METAR…

Agree, should compare it with Meteoblue weather.

Those METAR will only make the weather worse.

The issue after su7 is that they shows real METARs insead of METAR that reports the weather condition we have in the sim.

Well, too late for that thing now. Should have been included at release 2020.

I bet it’s better to set real METAR as a static preset around airports to make it 100% accurate. I actually don’t care anymore. Thats what users want. We are maybe few that want a dynamic weather system that behaves realistic.

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Well I am taking a slice of humble pie as I’ve just had some lovely high overcast skies around the Innsbruck area. So now all we need is CONSISTENCY!


Keeping this thread alive, another dreadful example just now. There is no way that this is showing anything close to what it is supposed to be - especially the overcast layer.

So much inconsistency in weather depiction. It feels like I’m using 2 different sims from one day to the next. With no explanation as of yet from Asobo as to what is happening or why.


I do agree! The weather engine is totally not able to generate OVC or BKN from metar!



and what was IRL weather there at that time? I mean IRL not sim Real weather.

Let’s not forget about this bug too. Does anybody see extensive overcast? I still can’t

Absolutely I do, especially in south/mid Germany where IRL a weather system can linger for days

PS. it’s sunny right now :grinning:

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Ok, it is still logged as a bug so you mighty be lucky or it’s one of thise situation where for some reason it can produce overcast. As for me, I live in Northern Ireland, plenty of overcast skies for days on end, but rarely in MFS!

It will produce overcast sometimes these days, but usually if that is the ONLY cloud layer in the metar. The problem is that when there are 2 or more cloud layers, they all merge together to produce the towering CBs.


I see in my notifications that a moderator has edited this thread, and also Jummivana, but no explanations have been given.

This issue still occurs, nothing has changed and it is most definitely not fixed.

Would appreciate some feedback.


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Hi Andy,

The post tag was edited to #feedback-logged. Changes were made in Sim Update 10 that improved this but we are looking for new feedback about this issue with the recent builds.

Thank you!

I thought it was logged as a bug in the bugs section of the forum?

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Thank you for the fast reply! Wasn’t this “bug logged” before? I had the issue again yesterday, but I’m not in the Beta.

This was moved from bug-logged to feedback-logged as the internal bug was closed after Sim Update 10. I will create a new report for this based on your repro steps and photos provided.

Well i think this bug cannot be until the whole METAR issue is corrected too, since you need the propper clouds to have some overcast skies. Right now we just get puffs of clouds how are they gonna make out of them an overcast? If you get it then you will get the vulcanic explosion…the whole weather system it’s broken in my opinion…not to mention that storm systems are gone too…again usually overcast are composed of multiple layers of clouds, how many do we get now? 1 or 2 out of 60??


Ok thanks for the explanation. We won’t lose the 237 votes will we, if you make a new report? I’m not in the beta but this is most definitely still happening in the current public version of the sim.



No the votes will stay the same for this!

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