Sim Objects File

Has anyone had a problem with locating sim Objects file?

For anybody to be able to help, your question needs to be more specific. What or where do you need the object file from?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator, got to this point and I do not have a (Sim Objects File) to drop new vehicle information into. from the instructions i have gotten off line that is how its done. Any lead in the right direction would be appreciated.

Because you’re still 1-2 folder levels away from finding any SimObjects folders. The next folder level (assuming it’s not been specified elsewhere) is Packages followed by Official and Community respectively. If you’re going into Official, you’d still need to identify the next Subfolder Name - there are many. Notably, many of them have their own SimObjects folders.

What exactly are you trying to do, just out of curiosity?

I went through all the files, not there. trying to add new plane files.

Locate your Usercfg.opt file. Open it using any text editor. The last line will tell you where your Packages folder is located.

I should point out that the way to add Mods to MSFS doesn’t work like previous versions of the flight sim. Overwriting or adding files to the core sim folders isn’t recommended. You should really be deploying custom files to the Community folder. At the minimum you run the risk of bricking the sim, at the worst you might have to reinstall from scratch.

thanks, i found the community folder. i will give it a shot

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