Sim only opens when i restart windows

(Sim only opens when i restart windows) i have re downloaded windows and MSFS multiple times. Have repaired and reset the app. And looked through the internet for many solutions. Its a real pain having to restart just when i want to play this game.

My specs are
16gb ram
9th gen i7
Game stored on a 1tb HDD

Any help much appreciated!

Hi @Evan2003bhufinn,
MSFS only opens after you restart Windows 10 or restart MSFS?
I’m not sure I understand.

Sorry my bad for not saying. It only opens after i restart Windows. I’ve re installed windows to try and fix this.

What happens if you do not restart Windows? Does MSFS crash? Or no response?

Do you think the 1TB HDD is powering down?

MSFS just doesn’t respond. I give it time enough anyway and nothing happens. And no i don’t think its the hard drive as it works fine with everthing else

At what stage of the opening sequence does it appear to hang e.g black screen, credits screen? Or after clicking on the load game icon nothing appears to happen?

Have you tried emptying your Community Folder?

This might be a pagefile issue, I had something similar for awhile, I increased my page file from 10gb to 25gb and it worked. If you keep windows running for more than a day, it likes to eat up a ton of the page file and MSFS also uses a lot of pagefile when loading

Straight up nothing happens. And yes I’ve emptied the folder. Even tried it Straight after re downloading the game

How do i increase my page file?

Do you have a crash in Event viewer?
Win+X -> Event Viewer -> Windows Event Logs -> Application.

Look for events at the time you tried to start the sim.

I’m looking at it here. I’m not amazing with this sort of stuff but by looking at it i see no Crashes or issues from today when i tried to open it. But i do see an error from yesterday when i tried to open it. But since yesterday i uninstalled the game and re downloaded it

Right click the start menu, click “settings”

In the search bar, type “performance”

Click “adjust appearance and performance of window”

a new window opens and click “advanced”

Then under “Virtual Memory” click change, now you can set the size (in MB) 1GB= 1000MB

I would suggest 15GB (15000MB) if your disk has enough room. You can also change the disk that your page file is on, however it works best if it’s on the same drive as your OS

Ok i increased my (D:) from 10gb to 25gb like you did and my MSFS is stored there aswell. It did open for the first time without a restart. But ima give it time and try tommorow just to confirm this works. Thanks for the help anyway

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