Sim performs great in VR with OXR update

Just flew in VR with the new open XR update. The smoothest performance I’ve had to date.
Reverb G1


That is one thing I miss when I moved from Reverb G2 to Vive Pro 2.
Open XR and the better performance it offered.
I have it dialed in pretty good now for the Vive Pro 2. But I think I actually liked the sim a little better in Reverb G2 due to Open XR. But not enough to reinstall WMR and deal with dual headsets. My other sims and VR games, Vive Pro 2 all the way for me.

What is your OXR build number?

21002 is the last five digits.

That’s a while in, this wrecked my ‘switch-to-Vr-and-back-and-back-again’

Don’t know why. Some good video reviews available as well. It’s been out a week or so.

This does indeed seem like a very nice update. Running a G2 even with a 3090 and 10850k I’ve struggled to get the performance I really wanted out of this sim and had resigned myself to buying a 4090 if/when they release next year. This week, my performance is close enough, 100 render OpenXR, 85 ingame with motion reprojection disabled and most settings high or ultra that I’m finally almost happy.

I do have traffic disable however, which I want to enable again in future so I’ll see how it copes with that. But if DirectX12 improves VR even slightly, I might finally be at the point where I’m happy with my current hardware and can not upgrade again until the Nvidia 5000 series and Intel’s 14th gen Meteor lake in 2023 or beyond.

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Flying with the new oxr and 100/100, most things ultra, 100 terrain and object LOD and MR on gives silky smooth flying. Only time I have issues is flying through mist like clouds.

MR is getting better too. Hardly any wobbly surfaces now. It’s not perfect but it’s certainly improving.

Windows 11
HAGS off
Game mode off
Resizeable bar enabled
Pre-rendered vr frames 1 (lot smoother than 4)

Came here to see if it’s only me. Very annoying. Performance is garbage as I’m meainthread limited to 25-30 fps since I don’t know, SU5? Before that I could go easily 45+fps.

Sounds like it’s your system to be honest. Hopefully you will sort it.
Most people seem happy at the moment.

Reading through the bugs section and tons of posts about deteriorating fps (suggested memory leaks and whatnot) through longer flights across various systems - I don’t know. This sim is the biggest bugfest I ever experienced on PC.

which Nvidia Driver? Similar rig but with 128GB memory and 2080TI but I hardley get 25 FPS

Just finished a great 1 hour flight in VR. I must be blessed. Happy flying.

I always use the latest game driver, version 472.12 currently. There’s probably a bit of difference between a 2080Ti and a 3090 to be fair. I don’t think anything over 32gb will make any difference.

Every user has different setups, different mods, different configurations and probably most importantly different interpretations of what they find acceptable. So I have used a constant to measure, in this case the London discovery flight first few moments of the flight inside the cockpit.

With MR off I get a steady 34 fps.

With MR on I obviously get 22.5 fps but it is more of less stutter free and smooth.

Big airports in an airliner (usually play the fbw a320 or the crj) it can stutter a little but most of the time MR is great now. The only problem I get is misty clouds on live weather, not sure if this affects predefined weather default settings or not. Then the fps below 22.5 thus meaning MR no longer works and its pretty horrid.

This is with

Off screen pre cache ultra
Terrain vector off (what even is this?)
Buildings high
Trees medium
Grass low
Terrain and object LOD 100
Clouds ultra
Texture resolution ultra
Anisotropic 16x
Texture supersampling 4x4
Texture synthesis ultra
Water high
Shadow maps 1536
Terrain shadows 512
Contact shadows off
Windscreen ultra
AO off
Raymarched reflections off
Light shafts high
Bloom on
Glas cockpit refresh high

Well memory difference 32 GB vs 128GB doesn’t matter, but 3090 is around 25-35% better than 2080ti, so here is your answer.

I have 3090 + 5900x + 32 GB RAM + 2x M.2 SSD + 1200W PSU and very good cooling (bad cooling can tank your performance). And with all on Ultra (or whatever is maximum settings) don’t have any stutters in PMDG DC-6, Pipers and so on.

[HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (SU5 Complete Retest) (8/2/2021) - Student Pilots / Advanced Pilot Guides - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Should control quality of elevation data (e.g. mountains, etc).

Yeah I read that but it doesn’t seem to make any difference and what does having this setting off mean? I’ve not seen any performance or visual impact between off and ultra.

This is the most noticeable effect, should…

But sometimes the driver can interfere:
PSA: NVidia Anisotropic Bug: in-game setting disabled (was: Some tests on Texture Resolution and Quality) - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

And sometimes settings are not doing what we might expect them doing:
Could you please explain what some graphics settings are really doing? - Archives / Dev Q&A: Sept. 29th 2021 - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I’m using Air Link for my Oculus Quest 2. Do I use OpenXR? If so, how do I update it? Or do I need to do it myself?

Yeah I find misty weather is the real performance killer. I’m getting great results with MR, but fly through some mist and it’s a judder fest….
[HP G1 and 3090]