Sim rate always behind my multiplayer group

For some reason even though am flying in the same aircraft as my muliplayer friends am always one or two mile behind them.

The name tags look far off in the distance in the old days their was a sim rate option which speed up or slow down time in the sim is that what could be happening here?

But i dont see it being that this is the issue as I have never made that change if you understand me.

Is this engine related? You might all be in the same aircraft, but if that aircraft is a piston engined type, there is often mixture and prop rpm as well as manifold pressure which can give different performance figures for different users.

I always found hat the best way to get a cohesive group from A to B was to ensure that the lead aircraft used a low cruise power in order to give others the margin to catch up or manoeuvre. Same in formation flying. Of course, if there were any sensible comms (see my previous rantettes) in the sim, you could all communicate and on more than just power settings.

Bottom line, is that if the lead is going to firewall the throttle, you have little chance to catch up without cutting corners in the flight plan. Good luck!

You also have to consider the “lag” time which is always present. You may be closer then you see that you are because of lag time (the space time continuim). In the sim you may be right next to another player but it takes time for the signal to get to you. You COULD actually crash into them and you see yourself at some distance and don’t know what happened. This happens more particularly on the ground then in the air.

I have good consitant low ping in flights so I dont see how it could be lag.

You should try it on a 9.6kb/sec modem :slight_smile: 14.4kb/s felt like pure luxury.

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Sim Rate is still working in FS2020.

Yes I saw that but it’s not applied to any button for me which is odd it’s almost like an futher behind than me friends

Pick 2 buttons and assign them.

What am saying is that cause i have not got it assigned it must not have been what was causing my issue

I don’t have any thoughts as to what is causing the time difference.

Sorry that I can’t help you.

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