Sim Rate Notification

Ok, to select a different Sim Rate, you press R, and then I programmed - to decrease and = to increase. However, there aren’t any on-screen notifications for the currently selected Sim rate, i.e., 2x, 4x. I have enabled show software notifications but still, nothing is showing up to tell me what is the currently selected sim rate. Does anyone know how I can see it?


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Look at the clock in the cockpit. It will be faster or slower :slight_smile:

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As old-school as it was, but the old SHIFT+Z overlay or whatever it was (the red line at the top of the screen) really did the job for this. Maybe some unobtrusive, modernized version could be implemented.

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Thanks for this tip. However, there should be a built in notification similar to all the other flight simulators.

Yes, the good ol’ P3D overlay, it even provided more than the sim rate info…

Well more an FS98 overlay, but yeah… :laughing:

I’ve heard some people say the workaround is to go all the way to the slowest rate and then go up two notches from there and you’ll be back at normal speed. Kind of ridiculous to have to do that on a brand new sim. No reason this can’t be displayed.


Bwware, the slowest rate it x0.25, not x1 !!!

Look at the clock!

The R button does nothing. Just bind sim rate + and – and use these.

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