Sim Settings Changed

I closed the sim normally day before yesterday. Now when I launched it today, I saw Marketplace was grayed out. Further checking revealed Online AI and Live weather were also disabled.

Going to data tab, I found that online data was turned off likely resulting in this.

  1. I turned it back on.
  2. After this, got a message that I will have to go back to go online again.
  3. Clicked it and for the very first time after it was removed I got the “Click any key to start message”
  4. Did it and it took me to checking for updates screen, the started loading with UK update background
  5. When the sim finally loaded, I again saw marketplace grayed out and going back to Data settings, saw online data was switched off again.
  6. Again turned it on and then got the same message on going back to go online again

Stuck in this loop now, restarted the sim, logged off and logged back in but still no effect. It has rendered Live traffic, weather and marketplace completely unusable for me. Any insights will be greatly appreciated - raised a zendesk but so far my success with them has been zero.

I had the same issue, all settings gone, all log entries gone… strange behavior of the sim since than. No help whatsoever from the “support” …they simply ignore this issue ,too.

There are other threads regarding both a recent/ongoing issue with Azure ATC and erratic live weather behaviour.

This all begins to sound like MS are having major server issues right now.

Have you tried logging out of the XBox Companion App without the sim running, then logging back in again?

Will try that, thanks.

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It’s also possible there is a geographic outage:

Interesting, I observed that as well.

Not sure if this will help guys but I had problems yesterday and couldn’t seem to get back online mode, even tried earlier this morning. Tried m9st everything but nought worked until I cleared my rolling data cache

Hi all,
Please use this topic about servers, packages out of date, any lost statistics. This topic has been pushed up:
Thank you!