Sim Update 10 - Detailed description needed for implementation of multiple monitors

My major interest in SIM 10 was the Multiple Monitor feature. Now that SIM 10 is out, however, explanations describing HOW to do it are really lacking. I have been on many sites, done numerous searches, and while I find a great detail about performance once the windows are implemented, I find painfully little about HOW to actually implement the procedure.

My goal is simple - I would like to use 3 monitors taking advantage of the “Experimental” options.

I really need some serious help trying to figure out how to actually do it. I am a babe in the woods. I’ve only had MSFS 2020 for about 1 month and just installed the SIM 10 update. So, for a guy with little history with MSFS and an app that has NO MANUAL, my question(s) is/ are simple regarding the latest update:

*From the Experimental Window in the General Options, what are the step-by-step procedures for setting up a 3 monitor “cockpit?” (Don’t leave anything out. For me it will not be ‘intuitively obvious to the casual observer - ME.’) I just don’t have enough background, experience, or intuition to figure out all the mumbo jumbo terminology in the experimental menu without a great deal of guidance.

I just want to fly and not become lost in the hardware/software jungle along the path. I can’t believe I am the only one. Where is the book MSFS 2020 for Dummies?

So, thanks to all in advance to anyone willing to put together a tutorial that will explain how the multiple monitor setup should be done.


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