Sim Update 12 Beta Release Notes []


If you are playing on PC, outdated packages in your community folder may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.

If you suffer from stability issues or long loading times, move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title.

Please also note that WASM on Xbox support is planned for Sim Update 12, but is not available to preview at this time. We will be working with our Marketplace partners who have WASM-dependent Xbox content to verify correct functionality.


Sim Update 12 includes bug fixes/changes for the following aircraft:

  • Airbus 310-300
  • Bell 407
  • Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny”
  • Douglas DC-3
  • Grumman G-21 Goose
  • H-4 Hercules “Spruce Goose”
  • Ryan NYP “Spirit of St. Louis”
  • Wright Flyer

The full list of bug fixes/changes will be included in the release notes of a future SU12 update, though some of the changes are present in this update (


Sim Update 12 includes bug fixes/changes for previous World Updates.

The full list of bug fixes/changes will be included in the release notes of a future SU12 update, though some of the changes are present in this update (

Known Issue:

  • Regression: for all gamepad presets, some axes might feel unresponsive because of a bug we are investigating on sensitivity curves. That should be fixed in the next flighting version.
  • Glider slows down during winch procedure, preventing the user to take off on some airports.

New Content/Features

General Bug Fixes


  • Glass cockpit externalization has been reworked. There’s no intermediate window anymore; each glass cockpit opens a distinct window with the glass cockpit name. Window position and size is saved when ending a flight. :busts_in_silhouette:
  • With multi-layout screens cockpits, mouse collision for glass cockpit externalization is now received only by the current active glass cockpit.
  • Navlog timer no longer resets when user closes and reopens it :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Fixed ATC window displaying wrong runway number in some non-towered airports
  • Fixed SimConnect injected traffic planes not following the assigned flight plan :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Fixed live traffic planes taxi throttle
  • Fixed live traffic planes incorrectly following departure procedures
  • Fixed live traffic planes staying stuck at hold short in some airports
  • Fixed live traffic planes sometimes taking off without clearance
  • Fixed live traffic planes staying at low altitude after takeoff :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Fixed SimConnect injected traffic being often unable to depart from the departure gate
  • Fixed traffic planes causing performance issue in the World Map
  • Fixed live traffic planes sometimes not showing nameplates
  • Fixed live traffic planes sometimes spawning at an incorrect location and being unable to move
  • Fixed live traffic planes staying at low altitude during go around
  • Fixed a crash where ATC uses an invalid runway number
  • Glass cockpit: Waypoints with no associated city now show an empty city field instead of random characters
  • Glass cockpit: NavigationData expiration year is now properly displayed when date range extends over two years.




Glass Cockpits

Garmin G3000 / G5000 :busts_in_silhouette:

  • Fixed incorrectly rendered lists when the number of items in the list was very large.
  • Fixed various instances where FMS would not automatically tune the primary approach frequency when loading or activating ILS/LOC/LDA/SDF/VOR approaches.
  • The GTC Airport Information page will now display the primary approach frequencies for all ILS/LOC/LDA/SDF approaches at the airport in the Freq tab.
  • The PFD traffic inset map’s range labels are now always displayed in the bottom left to avoid conflicts with other map elements.
  • Fixed long approach names from overflowing the approach button on the GTC Select Approach page.
  • Miscellaneous map memory optimizations.
  • Fixed a bug where en route direct-tos incorrectly inherited the turn direction of their target legs.
  • Fixed a bug where the initial course of an en route direct-to was set in true degrees instead of the expected magnetic degrees.
  • Fixed a bug where the flight plan would become corrupted when syncing a world map flight plan with an approach and at least one enroute waypoint but no departure or arrival.
  • Advanced VNAV no longer tries to capture descent altitude constraints during climb phase.

G1000 Nxi :busts_in_silhouette:

Garmin GNS430W / GNS530W :busts_in_silhouette:

  • Fixed some page navigation issues where the right knob push would not close dialogs


  • FLO mode transition now takes into account density altitude
  • Fixed Load % to display the correct individual engine power.
  • Fixed a bug on WASM & TS glass cockpits using the zero pitch line of the PFD. The line now represents the 0° of the aircraft
  • Fixed contrail effects on some planes :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Fixed an issue that caused some lights on the B747 and A320 to incorrectly react to interaction with their controls
  • Corrected an issue that caused LEFT/RIGHT_AXIS_BRAKE_SET to incorrectly affect both brakes.
  • [P-51 Bunny] Corrected an issue that displayed a white screen instead of the radio
  • [P-51 Mrs Virginia] Landing gear doors animations are now working correctly
  • External HUD: Variometer is no longer displayed on external HUD when not relevant to the aircraft.


  • Engine power jump was reduced during the governor activation
  • Added an engine trimmer. If the helicopter has this feature, it is now possible to slightly change the nominal engine/rotor RPM that a governor is trying to maintain. Please, refer to the new input commands in the Control Options menu: “ENGINE TRIM RPM INCREASE” and “ENGINE TRIM RPM DECREASE”
  • The throttle control logic for multi-engine helicopters has become more consistent
  • Fixed Tail rotor increment for better controllability with gamepad Helicopter profile (without tail rotor assistance)

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental

Cabri G2

  • START mode behavior improved on EPM
  • Better synchronization between engine RPM and rotor RPM
  • In Direct To Page, magnetic bearing is displayed instead of true bearing
  • Throttle handle animation is now working correctly
  • Fixed miro drift on ground contact with helicopters
  • Fixed Cabri skid suspension settings; Cabri now stable on ground

Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000

  • Fixed ground steering during takeoff to compensate for crosswind

Cessna Citation CJ4

  • MFD: Fixed battery electrical indications always showing 0
  • AP: Fixed altitude capture not engaging in TO vertical mode
  • Disabled unused COM3 radio receiver
  • Adjusted brightness of Standby Indicator
  • Fixed the AoA indexer not indicating the correct AoA
  • Fixed sim checklist stuck in After Starting Engines checklist
  • Fixed wrong state indication on APPR button tooltip
  • FMC: Fixed ARRIVALS page not working when airport features approaches not tied to a specific runway
  • FMC: Fixed discontinuities piling up when editing procedures
  • YD/AP DISC Bar now disables the Yaw Damper
  • Fixed Overspeed Warning audio not always working
  • Fixed an issue with the Direct To initial Course being incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the FMA would always show LOC1/VOR1 even when nav source is NAV2
  • TOGA button on the Thrust Lever is now active

Cessna Citation Longitude

  • Fixed incorrect pitot heat logic
  • Fixed the AILERON(S)_LEFT/RIGHT key events commanding ailerons in the opposite direction as intended
  • The engine auto-start and auto-shutdown procedures (Ctrl-E and Ctrl-Shift-E) now function correctly
  • The standby instrument now automatically adjusts its backlight levels
  • Autothrottle no longer requires gear and flaps to be retracted to change from TO mode to SPD/CLIMB/DESC modes
  • Taxi auto-tests now require engines running to begin evaluating
  • Fixed broken external animations for non-default liveries
  • Fixed incorrect load station count in cfg, and adjusted passenger load positions to match standard 8-seat configuration
  • Increased ND elevator trim limit to prevent AP from running out of trim authority at low altitudes and high speeds
  • Fixed AFCS control panel APR button tooltip

Daher TBM 930

  • Increased maximum nose wheel steering angle to 28 degrees
  • Increased speed at which nose wheel steering starts becoming less effective to 10 knots
  • Increased brightness of taxi and landing lights
  • Pulse lights no longer draw additional power when landing lights are on
  • Fixed broken door animations for non-default liveries :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Fixed handling of electrical battery key events
  • Improved compatibility with hardware that send electrical battery and external power key events every frame
  • Fixed AFCS control panel APR button tooltip



  • Improved adverse yaw, balance, handling qualities, and spoiler drag
  • Improved stall to match stalling characteristics as described in the flight manual (wing drop)
  • Winch launch now requires the technique as described in the DG-1001E flight manual: "During ground roll and initial take-off push the control stick to a forward position to prevent excessive nose-up pitching rotation during initial take-off. After reaching safety altitude gradually pull back on the stick, so that the glider will not pick up excessive speed. Don’t pull too hard. After reaching release altitude pull the tow release knob. Recommended winch launch airspeed 110-130 km/h (60-70 kts.).


  • Improved adverse yaw, stall, and spoiler drag




New supported devices

  • New MBS-015U flight stick from HORI is now supported

New presets

  • Added TCA Sidestick X Pilot (Helicopters) and T.A320 CoPilot (Helicopters)
  • Added T.Flight Hotas One (Helicopters)
  • Added Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Stick (Helicopters) and Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Throttle (Helicopters)
  • Added Saitek X52 Flight Control System (Helicopters)
  • Added T.Flight Stick X (Helicopters)

New controls

Various peripheral fixes

  • Fixed being unable to leave the pause menu with the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke
  • Fixed default mapping of POV Down on CH Fighterstick
  • Fixed the naming of some keyboard keys on Xbox
  • Fixed softlock by creating an empty gamepad profile on Xbox
  • Fixed a mapping issue for the Gamepad (Fighter Jet) profile where the Afterburner toggle was assigned to the same shortcuts than Back to fly.



  • [Logic] tag behavior in panel.xml has been fixed
  • Added Cabri G2 Sample
  • Fixed DA62 Sample installer progress text
  • Updated DA62 SDK sample
  • Corrected an issue that caused the “schr” command in calculator code to return an invalid value
  • Fixed a crash where long aircraft’s title (> 64 char) might crash the sim. Aircraft’s title must be smaller than 128 chars
  • [Console] Description field is now selectable
  • SDK: package tool: fix compilation of localization for missions using wrong absolute path
  • Fixed a crash when loading glTF files that have animations in scenes that aren’t loaded
  • Fixed a crash when destroying models in the middle of the LOD update (see: Is the TOW_PLANE_REQUEST event in the SDK docs actually working in the sim? - MSFS DevSupport)


  • Removed useless entries in Info section of Virtual File System tool
  • Fixed “Copy Layout To Clipboard” in Virtual File System tool
  • Added autoselection of newly added material in Material Editor
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to spawn an FX on an invalid node
  • Fixed texture .FLAGS file creation in Material Editor
  • Added range constraints for Bezier editor
  • [ImGui] Fixed input text fields not updating correctly with texts longer than the frame box
  • Rearrange the devmode menu bar, with new menus and better distinction between “Editors” and “Tools”
  • New Layout manager in Options->User Interface->Layouts. You can save and load layouts (= devmode windows position/size/docking node). Added a default layout with editors windows docked in appropriate places
  • New Aircraft Creation Wizard include templates for various engines
  • Improved camera orbit on an object not snapped to ground
  • Fixed DeleteNavAtAirport that was removing Vor, Ndb and waypoints every time
  • Improved package order tool: ability to bypass family rules with priorities
  • Fix taking screenshots and aircraft thumbnails from DevMode softlocking the game in Smart Docking Mode


  • Add new fields to NavData API
  • Improved conflict management with incomplete data using NavData API
  • Pause event are now well sent through SimConnect
  • Add new function to SimConnect: RequestJetwayData
  • It is now possible to request Lvar using AddDataToDefinition
  • Added new tool to debug SimConnect: SimConnect Inspector
  • Localization String should now be translated using AddDataToDefinition
  • SimConnect_ICAO should now be accessible in C#
  • There is always the region code in ICAO field while using RequestFacilitiesList/SubscribeToFacilities


  • Density Altitude simvar added

Aircraft Editor

  • [HELICOPTER] Added a governor switch check for turbine engines (so now it can be disengaged)
  • [HELICOPTER] The float parameter governed_pct_rpm_ref in the [HELICOPTER] section of the flight_model.cfg was made to work (it existed in the .cfg but not used in the code). Please, see SDK for details
  • [HELICOPTER] The new engine trimmer can be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK documentation for details). Also added the engine trim value indication to the Engine Debug window.
  • [HELICOPTER] The maximum speed of throttle movement by the governor is now limited for turbine engines (the same way as it used to be for piston engines). This limitation can now be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK for details). The default values for piston and turbine engines are kept the same for compatibility reason
  • [HELICOPTER] The hardcoded collective speed limit was moved to the config file (please, see SDK documentation for details). The default value is kept the same for compatibility reason.
  • [HELICOPTER] Added a collective to throttle correlator, which can now be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK documentation for details)
  • [HELICOPTER] Added main rotor friction (makes rotors rotate not too long after the engine is shut down on the ground) which can be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK for details). The default value is kept at 0 for compatibility reason
  • [HELICOPTER] The hardcoded value of the rotor braking torque is moved to the config file (please, see SDK for details). The default value is kept the same for compatibility reason.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented InputEvents and JS from intercepting KeyEvents in helicopters
  • Enabled KEY_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS_SET as an input that can be held to represent a switch being enabled, and released to represent it being disabled
  • Increased maximum engine count to 16 engines
  • Fixed parsing of fields with spaces between values
  • Aircraft Editor : Improved UX
  • [UX Improvements] Modified fields are marked with a ‘*’
  • [UX Improvements] File tabs now fit their labels
  • [UX Improvements] Removed obsolete parameters
  • [UX Improvements] Added new parameters
  • [UX Improvements] Added labels for indexed parameters for clarity
  • [UX Improvements] Improved Search Parameter subwindow UX
  • [UX Improvements] Removed float forced formatting in files
  • [UX Improvements] Automatically remove section that are not needed for helicopters (flaps, …)
  • Fixed wrong parsing of Junction parameter in fuel system
  • Fixed crash when changing engine type
  • Comment out irrelevant parameters instead of deleting them to allow recovery of their values later
  • Force presence of HYDRAULIC_SYSTEM section when required to avoid crashes
  • Added the possibility to recover deleted data when changing configuration (change of engine, switch to/from legacy configuration, …)

Package Tool

  • Fixed handling of Taxi Path errors

Project editor

  • Improved overall stability of renaming an item
  • Removing a Bundle/Pack now removes it
  • No longer reset all creation fields when going “Back” between popups when creating a new item
  • Fix removing a package then undo not putting the package back in previous filter
  • Ergonomic improvements in Project Editor:
  • Removing an item now prompts the user to delete sources as well
  • Renaming a package now changes the name of the package in the sources folders as well + its references in bundle/packs of current project
  • Can’t rename an asset group “MarketplaceData” anymore
  • Fix thumbnail not correctly saving when renaming an item
  • Start a new error displaying pipeline in project editor (View->Error List) (WIP)
  • Fixed crash upon doing a “Save As” on project with same project name.
  • Fixed Bundle/Packs not cleaning when clicking on “Clean All”
  • Clean Package now also checks no metadata files are opened before cleaning (only data file before)
  • New “Clean Bundle/Pack” button in Inspector
  • Fixed failure on import package that don’t have a definition folder
  • Fix crash when trying to build an asset group with an output path starting with “”
  • Fix Marketplace Data → Capture Thumbnail incorrect size

Scenery editor

  • Fixed timestamp from layout.json not loaded
  • Improved multiple edition for TaxiParking, TaxiSign, Light support and ExclusionRectangle
  • Improved terraforming.
  • No airport qmid error in world hub mode
  • Fix default runway heading
  • Fixed weird falloff on rectangles with heightmap
  • Fixed range selection in scene tree that was ignoring filter.
  • Fixed some water polygon issues
  • Added the package name in the object list tooltip
  • Added airport option to disable TIN color correction.
  • Added “exclude airport” in the exclusion rectangle
  • Fixed runway Primary/Secondary Designator no longer centered when the runway width < 25m
  • Fixed ContolTower object list


  • Wasm compilation now uses LLVM15
  • Added missing functions to Gdi+
  • Added experimental support for hot reloading code changes (aka Edit and Continue)