Sim Update 14 Beta Release Notes [Xbox:, PC:] - November 17, 2023


Please note the build numbers for this beta release are different on PC and Xbox, but the release notes and included changes are the same for both platforms.

If you are playing on PC, outdated packages in your community folder may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.

If you suffer from stability issues or long loading times, move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title.

How to install a new update safely

Known Issue


  • Airbus A320 (V2) is now available. A PDF manual for this aircraft is available on our Manuals Page here.

General Bug Fixes

  • Automated Weather Report temperature reading updated

Glass Cockpits

G1000 Nxi

  • Added support for control pad entry for Constraint Selector in the FPL dialog
  • Added support for LVL and TO/GA autopilot modes
  • Changed XPDR display to show XPDR Code and Mode in white in ALT and ON mode when on ground
  • Fixed a bug where the XPDR keypad entry would break when the XPDR mode selector button was pressed while already in XPDR mode
  • For aircraft developers:
    • Added support for control pad entry on several UI input components
    • Added support for styling the Com selection based on the radio selected to transmit, and for both Nav and Com standby frequencies selected to edit


  • For aircraft developers:
    • Added configurable side button support to the WT21


Airbus 310-300

  • A310 Radio Stuck Broadcasting on KSNS ATIS After Departing KSFO.
  • Vertical speed knob labeled as “altitude knob” in tooltip.

Airbus A320neo (V2)

  • Known Issues:
    • When loading on the runway in the ready-to-fly state weight information must be entered into the FMS for aircraft to behave as expected.
    • Intercept points are sometimes not drawn correctly.
    • FBW low speed protections are not active with takeoff blending needing some minor adjustments.
    • VNAV path shifting on tight radius turns and speed CSTs sometimes are not followed.

Bell 407

  • Rotor weight changes.
  • Rotor brake force adjustments.
  • Rotor blade dynamics adjustments.
  • Throttle/governed RPM during startup and shutdown.
  • Engine performance changes.
  • Fuel management on the weight and balance settings.
  • Performance data on the aircraft selection screen.
  • Localization text changes.
  • FADEC tooltip.
  • Fuel Pressure gauge illumination.
  • Cold and dark state changes.
  • Checklist correction.

Boeing 787-10 / Boeing 747-8i

  • SFX: Sounds (like Chimes) that were missing in the beta should be back again

Cessna Citation CJ4

  • SIM: ATC will now know about your planned cruise altitude and will assign you a flight level accordingly


Various peripheral fixes

  • Pause mapping on the Occulus touch left controller switched from Y to Menu button



  • Fixed some scenery option not applied during multiple selection