Sim Update #3 RNAV or NO RNAV?

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I don’t think so- but I bet it will be a big topic of discussion during the developer Q&A tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be surprised with some good news then.

RNAV already works. It’s been demonstrated in several YouTube videos


It doesn’t work well. You can’t reliably load approaches (with all the IAFs, especially not the center hold in lieu of fix, it won’t even fly those…missed approaches? WT CJ will do that). You can’t reliably direct to, activate leg etc etc. If all you do is fly offline and load a flightplan then yeah it will work.


I’m talking about a RNAV that represents something close to reality.

I’m at work so sorry, no. It’s an easy search on YouTube. You have to activate the approach before the initial approach fix (or FAF, I forget) so it’s not very robust and limited by the current issues in the MSFS nav data, but it works reliably including glide slope. The guy demonstrated it several times.

@SageGoldfish, by definition this implementation is “close to reality” (but not completely accurate) so you should be satisfied. :slight_smile:

You should amend your thread title to something like “Better Working RNAV” or “Fix GPS Approach Bug” or something like that. (Only if you are interested in productive conversation of course. If you just want to complain and cause turmoil then please carry on as you are.)

Please wait until the discussion thread for Sim Update 3 goes live. Thanks.