Sim Update 4 testing sign ups

Anyone know what time the update goes live to testers?

No, was expecting something around normal update time - right aroung now really, but that’s entirely my assumption.

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Yeah same here haha

You are wrong :wink:


Sorry I was referring to being in the beta affecting the logbook - in other words would flights still be logged - which they were

Edit - did the sign up affect anyone else that way?

Don’t know. I’ve never looked at my logbook since I have MSFS.

Patch Tuesday was yesterday (I believe) and so highly recommend taking Windows updates before updating flight sim for the test. I suppose as part of the test you could choose to not take updates and see if the bug where the outer store installer doesn’t become available and doesn’t run, but the inner installer (on sim startup) still runs (i.e., previous version running the installer for the latest version). I got tripped up by this twice now in the past two updates (the latter leading to a full reinstall) – which both occurred on patch Tuesday (impeccable timing) :grinning: Reported each case to ZenDesk

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Ok, got it :slight_smile:

idk mate.

When Alpha/beta Testing (almost anything) , the ability to do full image backup & restore is a “Wonderful thing”.

I wasn’t in the beta but I could see all the forum topics created for it. Not sure if that was intentional? I was in previous betas/alphas. However, it was a nice reminder to sign up again for the upcoming beta. I even got accepted (I thought it would’ve already reached the max no of participants).

I had close to 500 hrs logged and after the last update i lost them all

Why do they MSFS call the beta 1.16.10 when it still says 1.15.10 in the header of the sim window ?it is very confusing
This is my second attempt at reinstalling the beta (it is now showing 85 GB download so i may be on it …yay
Still downloading …very slow on 50mbts

Is the beta live yet?

the beta isnt live yet.

It’s live, just got a Microsoft Store update for the game.

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I wish they had a signal or green light when the beta is live. Most of the information is at least 6 hours old and to keep checking is not enjoyable.

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i got the update aswell

Closing this thread now as the Beta is now live. Thanks everyone, we will move any testing conversations to the private forums.