Sim Update 4

What do you expect to find inside Sim Update 4? Somebody knows the date ?

Update 1 was Japan
Update 2 was US
Update 3 was UK
Update 4 france Benelux
Update 5 I heard (not sure) Scandinavia sometimes in June

Those are World Updates. He’s talking about Sim Updates :slight_smile:


Better performances for everyone , less bugs in general and that all the things that worked before continue to do so.


Amen to that.


Not sure when, but I guess in this list is what we can expect

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Given the current state of things, I’d be happier if the random CTD’s were given top priority. A fully functioning G1000 would be lovely, but a sim that doesn’t crash would be more welcome, for me at least.


my bad

Just trying to help: since I disabled my CPU OVERCLOCKING never more i have any CTD, even with many addons in community folder


I don’t overclock my CPU, GPU or memory.

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sorry, I don’t understand your question or the subtlety of your question. Can you help me?
may be the translator’s fault.

I’ll expect to find enough bugs to not play MSFS for another 3, maybe 4 weeks when the next simupdate drops.


The development roadmap only goes up to the end of the month and as SU4 is being released with WU5 (no date), I’ve abandoned the mess for now. Let’s hope SU4 actually introduces a beneficial change for once.

I hope so as well. Between performance being very poor and getting CTDs on almost every flight, it would be hard to imagine they could make it worse.

Note to Asobo: that last sentence wasn’t a “hold my beer” challenge.


I’m particularly interested in the following flight model improvements mentioned in the video below that Seb and Martial promised for seven default aircraft in sim update 4. Right now I’m no longer a user of MSFS but if these improvements work as advertised in the last QnA then I might come back and start using it again.

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You as well.

My sim banjaxed (wrecked) also since update. Any advice??

If you watch the video you will see that the improvements already seem to better than expected.
E.g. the side by side full rudder application comparison is impressive.
Asobo apparently does care for the simulation part a lot!

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Only drink when you’re in a good mental state and only in moderation.


Ha, don’t drink.

I seem to be having crashes after the latest update with my current overclock. Seems the GPU memory OC is not stable anymore. My current settings worked fine in the previous version and in other games.