Sim Update 4

Isn’t Resizable BAR only applicable for RTX 30 series cards?

Because an Event log, only tell you what issue cause the crash, not where specifically what lines of the code caused the “unhandled Error”

That’s why i said “specifically” GOOD LUCK if you think that Submitting Crash Events is going to help ZenDesk or add very much to a post in the forum.


Imagine if that was the mantra at Microsoft and the marching orders given to Asobo. Intense focus on stability and functionality come first!

Hey, a guy can dream, right?:blush:


I guess we will know a lot more in a few Hours when we see the Change Log, and then what has really changed when we run the SIM –


when it comes to actual experiencing the sim, the changelogs never really helped, for example there never was a mention of any LOD or vegetation/drawdistance changes! (only in the last few patches, where they tried to correct said unmentioned changes)
i hope so much they don’t mess it up again.

But they are somewhat of interest, if only to give, in Very Brief Detail, what ASOBO thinks are important new changes they have completed.

2021 Change Logs

Amen and Amen to that I pray Lord help us …

For those who are having CTD, try to enable Windows virtual memory. In my case, for some reason, even though I had enough RAM for the game, after enabling virtual memory, I never had a CTD again.

Do you mean you disabled it at some point? It’s on by default.

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What time is it dropping? Very excited to see what’s broken with this new update!

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it should be between 3 to 5 hours

around 15z-16z usually iirc

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If I’m going by the previous couple Sim Updates, I’m not expecting a lot. The last two have been… underwhelming. Not disappointing, just underwhelming. World Updates seem to being new graphic features, but Sim Updates have mostly just been bug fixes, with very few new features or enhancements. That said, I’d love to be surprised.


But today’s update is supposed to bring better/fixed turboprop logic. That alone is worth the update

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Azure, Alkamai, etc are distributed networks, Europeans don’t download from US based servers and vice-versa.

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Those are just as important, if not more so than new features. I look forward to seeing old features working properly.


Yeah but the problem is they fix one thing and break two others…


Before Christmas I hadn’t had a single CTD. I read the problems others were having and I used to smile. Then I got infected with the issue. I used to try every suggested fix doing the rounds. Eventually something worked, I turned off AI traffic and voila! No more CTDs. Then about a month ago the CTDs began reappearing for me. ATM I would estimate about 1 in 5 flights ends in a CTD for me. This means I am back to “dabbling” in the sim. There is no point for me in continuing with any career mode if I end up losing time sensitive contracts due to disconnects on approach, an hour or so after takeoff. It becomes all too frustrating.

To all those people, currently unaffected, proudly proclaiming the CTDs must be down to our hardware or an issue with our setups I would say they need to keep their fingers crossed as it will eventually happen to them, and probably for no good reason. We won’t judge, as we realise the ghosts in the machine have no rhyme or reason as to their targets. CTDs are real, and the vast majority will be down to something in the sim.

Personally I think that MS/Asobo need to incorporate cash report dumps being automatically generated rather than relying on Zendesk bug reports which may or may not be that accurate. I fear the reason they do not however is that they realise their servers may well be overwhelmed by their number.

If CTDs are brought under control by this update then I for one will be a mighty happy little dude as I will be able to start flying more confidently.


Did that involve playing for a length of time without any community mods installed? If so, how many flights did you try in that configuration?

I’m not downplaying the importance of bug fixes, stability is the most important thing. Sim Updates are supposed to be about more than that though. There’s only a few things I want: The logbook to not pop up. The ability to replay. The ability to input airways. Autosave. Animated doors on default aircraft, which was accomplished with the TBM mod, but no others.

That’s it. I’m content with how the sim is, I’d just like to see it grow.


Any sign of getting our distant trees back? I worry they are going to add a vegetation slider, and the top limit will be the rubbish we have now.