Sim update 5 CTD

Right Hola/Bonjour/Hello to everyone.
I’ve heard about a massive increase about ctd.
They have wiped there community and all sorts any fixes to stop these

Give Asobo time to release a hotfix

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It’s taken a year to get this far. A hotfix will probably take a month. With update 5 I have to say what a superb job Asobo and MS have done. When the game is running its fabulous. Update 5 should of been what we expected on release.

However, as with many other users since update 5, I’ve also experienced an increase in CTD’s. nowt we can do but wait, it will get fixed.

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I have had several ctds today last when landing in landing challenges.

I was pulling my hair out for the last two days trying to fix the CTDs that I got after the update 2-10 minutes into each flight. Having cleared community folder, reinstalling the sim, etc, nothing seemed to fix the issue. Today, I unplugged all my usb connections other than mouse and keyboard (yoke, rudder pedals, throttle, saitek switch, radio and multi-panels, realsimgear gns 530) and then plugged them in one by one. The sim froze for about 30 seconds then said new hardware was detected and I haven’t had a CTD since. Hope this helps!

Thx. Worth a try.